Self discipline log on December 17, 2020

2021-10-14 05:11:47  作者:Photography with temperature

The three-day speech is over , Everyone who has a result is a person who keeps giving , There is no shortcut , All because of paying enough , To perform well enough . There can be no fluke , And don't think you're smart , More down-to-earth efforts . Any result is inevitable !

    In the afternoon, I met a boss who made doors and windows , altogether 4 Employees , Talked to him about the management of the store , He runs his own list and is very busy , It is difficult to collect the final payment at the end of the year . Talked to him about the course content , Talk about how he's going to develop , There is no on-site transaction . He's afraid he doesn't have time to spend .

reflection : Every link from invitation to transaction management cannot be neglected , The details matter . Always remind yourself to work hard on details when doing sales .


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