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        It was more than eight o'clock yesterday morning , Chief doctor Xu who operated on me came into the ward to see me , Tell me that I can leave the hospital after hanging up the saline in the morning , Director Xu is very responsible , After my operation , He takes time every day to observe my recovery .

After director Xu left , After a while, the doctor in charge, Dr. Zhang, also came in and told me that I could leave the hospital , And let me talk to the nurse , Hang up the saline and help me pull out the catheter , I can't believe my ears , Because the day before yesterday afternoon, Doctor Zhang told me to 10 month 4 On the morning of the th, I went to the outpatient room to find him and extubate , At that time, I immediately asked him if he could extubate me one day in advance ? Because I'm going to attend my classmate's daughter's wedding banquet on the 3rd , He said 3 He doesn't go to work , Then say let me 2 Go to him and pull out the tube in the morning , He said that it usually takes four to five days to pull out the tube after this kind of operation . I am a 27 Go to hospital No ,28 On the afternoon of the th , Yesterday was 30 Number , To 2 It's almost time to calculate the number . But yesterday morning, when Dr. Zhang said he could pull out the tube before leaving the hospital , I feel happy but also have doubts , Happily, I moved freely after extubation , The doubt is that the operation will take less than two whole days , How can I pull out the tube ? And Dr. Zhang's statement is inconsistent , He said chief doctor Xu informed him , Said you could pull out the tube in advance . I wondered if I was recovering well after the operation , Chief doctor Xu just asked me to pull out the tube . He should be experienced , I know this can .

The night before discharge , I slept very well , At more than six in the morning, the nurse took my temperature , It's normal too. , The temperature was a little high the day before yesterday ,38 Centigrade , It came down yesterday morning , I feel it myself , Because the body has become comfortable .

The nurse hung me up at more than nine o'clock yesterday morning , A small bag plus a large bag , Hung up for almost two hours , At about 10:30, the nurse informed me that I could go through the discharge formalities , I said that when my wife came, I would handle it immediately , Lover, because I'm a little busy in my unit these days , He brings me breakfast every morning and goes to work , Bring me lunch at noon , Then he rushed to work , Give me three meals a day , It's really hard for him ! He's afraid I'm not used to the food in the hospital canteen . The night after the operation, he was in the hospital with his bed , I didn't rest all night , Because I need to pee , There were two big bags of three kilograms of salt water that day , This is to flush the blood and water in the bladder , Plus saline into the vein ( With Western Medicine ) Five small bags , Therefore, the urine flowing out of the catheter soon filled a washbasin , The next morning after the operation, the nurse hung a big bag of saline for me , Add three small packets of saline into the vein . The third day after the operation was yesterday morning, only two bags of saline were hung , After hanging up the saline, the nurse pulled out my catheter , People suddenly become relaxed . Although it's just a small operation , But it also cost more than 5000 , Medical insurance reimbursed more than 3000 , The balance of medical insurance card over the years 1700 After multiple deductions, I deducted more than 300 of my 2000 yuan in cash , Returned more than 1600 , Not bad , There's money left .

My mother-in-law came to Tonglu yesterday morning , When I was admitted to the hospital, she wanted to accompany me in the hospital , I won't let her come , The main reason is that I can't bear to watch my old mother-in-law work too hard . As soon as my mother-in-law arrived in Tonglu yesterday , It was in our house that the dishes were carefully cooked , When my wife and I get home , My mother-in-law has cooked a table of dishes waiting for us , Stewed radish with spare ribs , Fried sliced meat with wild bamboo shoots , There are several dishes , It's all my favorite food , Especially the spare ribs and radish soup is so delicious . My mother-in-law cooks very well , My wife probably got her true story !

As soon as I got home at noon yesterday, I took my clean pajamas and rushed into the bathroom to wash my hair and take a bath , I haven't washed my hair or bathed for days , It stinks , Because I sweat every night . After cleaning, I sat down and enjoyed the delicious food cooked by my mother-in-law , This is a great enjoyment !

After lunch , My mother-in-law went upstairs to wash the dishes , After washing the dishes, I saw me washing towels in the bathroom , She immediately told me to stop , Wash it yourself , It really moved me ! My mother-in-law brought me a box of Cordyceps this time , It's for me to mend my body , I don't want her to eat by herself , She said there were still , I know this is what my sister-in-law bought for her mother-in-law last time , Mother-in-law herself has never been willing to eat , But used it to mend my body , This makes me not moved !

Today is the first day of the National Day holiday , I suggest my wife take me and my mother-in-law to Meirong village not far from home , Known as the “ Ten mile Meizhou ” The so-called Meirong is having an activity today , The theme word of the activity is “ Zhejiang Fuchun , So xiangtian ”, Because there are many well-known artists' works of art institutes that can be appreciated by tourists , So all the people from the neighboring eight villages came here , Plum blossom in golden autumn and October , The fields are golden , Golden rice can be seen everywhere , And heavy sorghum , There was a good harvest in the fields !

Today, I specially brought an SLR camera , I took a lot of photos for my mother-in-law and lover , Left a lot of beautiful moments , My mother-in-law is very cooperative , Will pose in various positions to let me play , It's so good !

My lover made a lot of beautiful films with her mobile phone today , Let me Marvel !

This is a lover's work

This is my work

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