After planting bitter fruit, the new play started shooting, and the crew took photos, and the article left quietly

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Speaking of articles , I believe the first thing you think of is his cheating .

Some people will laugh , Some people have a bit of hatred , Others will also bring some regrets , After all, I was a powerful actor before the article . Many of his characters are also well known by many people , Like what he did before 《 Journey to the west: conquering the demons 》, The box office and reputation are good .

But he didn't control his emotions , He is sorry for his family , It's a bitter fruit to end up like this .

The previous article appeared in a TV play 《 Set up 》. stay 《 Set up 》 The official account of the official publicity also mentioned the article , But careful Netizens found that , The scenes of articles in the final TV series were basically cut off .

Maybe the crew also considered that the cheating incident in the article had a bad social impact , So I finally cut him off .

The article itself should also feel very regrettable , After all 《 Set up 》 Both the production level and the script quality of this TV play are very good , If you can have a lens, you will get some recognition .

Some things are his own , Now this result is his own fault .

After that affair , When the media found that the article appeared in front of the camera again , The whole person looked very haggard , The skin is not as white as before , It seems dark a lot , It's like a very big blow . Haggard face , The original handsome appearance has disappeared , Only the vicissitudes of middle-aged men .

Since I can't appear in the camera , The article began to focus on the career of director .

After the affair, the article hardly appeared in front of the screen , But turn around and work behind the scenes .

He gave up his original male identity and began to want to be a director , But it's not that easy for a director ? According to the current situation, the article has not made great achievements . But after all, the article has been mixed in the entertainment industry for a long time , Have accumulated certain contacts , So it's not like there's no play to shoot , Or no one will play .

lately The article is directed by 《 The case of Digong in the Tang Dynasty 》 Starting up , TV play 《 Set up 》 Zhang Jiayi, the star of, also took part in the play . Relying on the accumulated contacts , This article is 《 The case of Digong in the Tang Dynasty 》 The crew is very good at it , It is said that besides Zhang Jiayi , And Zhou Yiwei, Huang Jingyu and other popular actors .

I think if you take a good picture of this configuration , Good publicity in the later stage , It should also be a good TV play .

So I'm still looking forward to whether the article can guide the play well , As long as the level of the production team is in place , Probably a big production explosion .

Many people have the same doubts and expectations as me , So the attention to this play is also very high , Many people also went to Hengdian to visit the crew , Look at the shooting of the article .

I don't know the result , It's a shock at first sight , If not careful people , I can't even find the article anywhere . Because the article has been wearing a low hat and a mask , A fully armed look , Seems to be avoiding something .

Later, the rest of the crew asked all the actors and all the creative team to take pictures , Everyone stood together and the photos were taken , Only then discovered The article doesn't stand in at all . I don't know he did it on purpose , Or the crew won't let him in .

Maybe both he and the crew know the impact of his previous events , I don't want to ruin the future of a good play because of him , Therefore, articles are rarely mentioned in the publicity of the play .

But since such a good play , Producers can find articles to be Directors , It must be because the article leaves nothing else to talk about , He still has some director strength . After all, there are so many directors , Why choose him ?

So put aside things outside the play , The play itself is worth looking forward to , The directing ability of the article itself is above the passing line , Not to let this play go straight to the street .

Some viewers say people like the article , Don't take good care of everything .

He is not responsible for his family , Also not responsible for fans , Is not responsible for the work , People like him should quit the entertainment industry as soon as possible , Don't show up again . But some viewers think , The actor's work is separate from his own life , The quality of the work itself cannot be defined just because the actor himself made a mistake .

It's just that if the actor makes a serious mistake , It will have a very bad impact on society , You can make some cuts in his play , But this work doesn't have to be completely rejected . After all, a work can't be completed by one or two people .

The author thinks , Every work from the director 、 The writers 、 Film producer 、 Investors go to every actor 、 Field notes 、 floor manager 、 The costume group 、 Prop group, etc , Many people have devoted their efforts . And those one or two people should be condemned for their irresponsibility , however When we look at the work , We should also see the good intentions of others .

about 《 The case of Digong in the Tang Dynasty 》 This work , I think we can still keep a certain expectation , After all Zhang Jiayi and Zhou Yiwei are also recognized as powerful actors , With their blessing , We don't have to worry about the performance of this play at all , They will use their acting skills to immerse us in the story of the prosperous Tang Dynasty .

and The story of Di Renjie's case is also famous in history . There have been many related film and television works before , For example, detective Di Renjie series , The box office and word of mouth were very good before , It shows that everyone likes the theme of solving cases in this prosperous era very much , We can still look forward to .


As for the article itself , In my submission , Every adult should know how to be responsible for his words and deeds , Since he chose the wrong path , We should bear the consequences of this road .

Now this situation is also caused by himself , He can't blame others . I just hope he can keep a low profile later , Quiet filming , Don't think about washing white or something .

Thanks for watching , Pay attention to me , Learn more .

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