Sister Swift's marriage

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          Sister swift is my age , It's just that my birthday is half a year older than me . Her face was white , Eyes and eyebrows are like pictures , Slim , A thick black hair . Is a gentle character , Describe a beautiful woman . Although they are genuine northerners, they are often recognized as Jiangnan women .

      Sister swift is small and weak , Parents are considerate and meticulous . Especially her father , Treat and protect her like a little princess . She works in state-owned enterprises , The income is not bad, the work is not busy, there is no pressure . It's time to talk about marriage , Her parents are everywhere choosing suitable boys , Finally found a boy in her neighborhood , Very good looking . In fact, we think the boy is too ordinary for her except for his appearance . A year later, sister swift got married . The wedding was lively , Sister Swift's father paid twelve cents for her . She lived with her husband's family after marriage , It's very close to her parents' house, the front and back floors . One summer after marriage , One day, a guest came to my mother-in-law's house , She works late at work , Go home after eating with colleagues outside . Her husband and mother-in-law have finished entertaining guests , When she comes back, let her clean up the dishes and rinse the pot . She said she was a little tired today. I'll do it tomorrow morning . The husband didn't say anything at that time that his mother-in-law was unhappy . Just scold my son for his incompetence , Command a woman who can't move herself . Sister swift couldn't listen, so she came out of her room to clean up . As a result, her husband said she fell and found fault with her emotions , Just make trouble with her . She said she didn't , I haven't eaten at home for a day, and I have to wash the dishes and rinse the pot ! Not yet satisfied . As a result, her husband slapped her in the face , She shouted . Because it's summer and the windows are open , Father swift heard . And her mother , Take her home . So far, she had a quarrel with her husband 2 Separated for months , The elder sister-in-law repeatedly led her brother to the door to explain the compensation and admit that the beating was wrong , Swift's father asked her husband to write a guarantee and swear not to hit anyone again , Then let the swift go back to her mother-in-law's house . Less than half a year after returning, there was a quarrel over trifles , The husband hit again , Sister swift decided to leave and return to her parents' house , She asked for a divorce , And get pregnant 2 A month old child . Soon sister swift got a divorce , Married less than two years, it ended like this .

        A year later, sister swift is ready to remarry . The man is a pediatrician , Looks ordinary . Divorce, too , Childless . The house is a new unit of sister Swift's unit 80 Flat two rooms and one living room . She is looking forward to carefully decorating and buying, ready to enter the second marriage . But the sky didn't do what people wanted , When he went to get the certificate, the man suddenly repented . It was a great blow to her and she fell ill all of a sudden , So far, she has signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder , Wash your hands repeatedly . She was twenty-nine this year .

        After the careful care of parents , The care and comfort of relatives and friends , Sister swift finally survived . Look and feel better .

      She met another man , Older than her 5 year , Divorce , He has been married for half a year , It was introduced by a reliable relative . He's in a different place , A few years ago, due to the diversion of unit restructuring, he resigned and went to Guangzhou to find a job . He asked someone to introduce him because he was willing to find a woman from his hometown . Seeing sister swift, she suddenly fell in love with . They got married two months later . For a year , During the Spring Festival, sister swift goes to Guangzhou for the new year , By the way, discuss whether she will go to Guangzhou or he will go back to his hometown .

            After Hugh's visit to his in laws , She came back from Guangzhou alone . Then I got a divorce . I don't know exactly why , Ask her without saying .

          Now sister swift lives alone , I got a sick leave . Family and friends all feel sorry for her , It's a beautiful woman who has a bad life !

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