Be a little ant with an iron bone

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    Men at their birth , Sex is the good —— Advocates Mencius

    Men at their birth , Sex is the evil —— Advocates Xunzi

        —— above , Two theories , Have their own support and supporters , I chose to stand in master Meng's “ good ”. although , Always tough , Be tough in life , In some people's eyes, it is not necessarily a “ Good stubble ”. I never deny , I'm selfish , Narrow minded , One is unhappy , You'll show your face at any time , Make an ugly grin at people , No matter what God he or she is facing .

The horse shot

        From this point of view , Someone criticized me for being ungrateful , It's not human , won 't listen to reason , No way to communicate . Regarding this , I keep the belief that I always adhere to : No flattery , Not flattering , Not against my heart , Do not follow blindly , Stick to yourself . I just listen to my inner voice , I'm a hardline with a strong opinion , A difficult egoist .

        For me , No matter how big the head is , What a reputation “ Gal ”, There's no strange feeling at all . I'm a tough self supporter , Only pity and cherish their own wings , Only be responsible for your words and deeds . For selfish me , Always look up at yourself , Far more important than who to bow to ! Unless , This person has rich inner self-restraint , Let me voluntarily submit myself to his vast knowledge as the sea and his broad and humble mind !

          Last night , I had the honor to talk about writing with a teacher I knew in Jian Shu , Talking to each other , I can't help feeling thousands of things . Around in a big circle , Just know how lucky you are , To meet such a teacher who understands my difficulties , It's really rare ! so , Really understand a person , Don't need too many words to tell too many things , Some people's silence is far more shocking and weighty than pale language .

          When Juncai told me :“ In fact, I've been reading your top article for two days , What do you want to say , There's no way to talk about , I feel a lot .

          I think what to write under that article , All look pale , Not worthy of that emotion .” Wen Zhi , From crying ! I think , I met an emotional teacher . Though! , Because of ignorance and willfulness , I coldly refused the olive branch put out by my husband . Now think about it. , I'm really sorry , I'm really sorry for your kindness .

          Especially remember , A few days ago , An essay I wrote on the headlines 《 The colors of autumn 》. This essay starts with a brief book , Then push it to the headlines . An unnamed person with a tail number marked 2849 My headline friend , Youyou knocked down such comments behind my essay : Well written , Looking at me, I feel a little sad ? Am I older ?

        What's interesting is that , Even many people and I often write in Jane's book , Old friends who interact frequently , I didn't notice a star and a half sad thoughts , But the strange friend immediately caught , As slender as a hairspring , Sadness and depression that are not easily perceived .

        in fact , When I wrote this essay , Is, indeed, “ It's raining continuously , the continuation is only held by a silken thread .” A clear sense of depression , Let yourself feel depressed .

        so , Not all the encounters along the way are right , Maybe some people's departure is a wrong decision . This is a serious problem , It is a disadvantage to others and yourself .

        Fortunately , Mr. is a broad-minded , A kind and kind man . He didn't because of my willfulness , Close my support and attention . Also let me understand again , In the long journey of life , In the real sense, the grace of knowing what to do : Understand and understand !

      People often say : The largest sea in the world , Bigger than the sea is the vast sky , So there's something bigger than the sky ? The wise man said : The mind . The vast human mind , No margin , Wide and boundless !

          I think , In a sense, I'm really lucky . At least , I'm in Jane's book , I was lucky to meet , More than one true mentor . In Shanghai dialect, it means : The forehead bone touched the ceiling , It's a big prize !

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