Floating clouds drink bitter tea outside, how can others snore and sleep beside the pillow -- special edition of National Day

2021-10-14 01:44:44  作者:Literary frequency modulation

《 Bitter tea 》


It rained too hard last night

Now it's still flowing in my chest

Can't give up tears

Keep mottled tears on the side of the cheek

A cup of bitter tea in the morning

To greet the world

How are you in the distance

Smiled, smiled

Smile is heavy

A pot of bitter tea in the afternoon

Enough to kill the whole afternoon

Things that have nothing to do with me

No worries, no memories, no thoughts

It should not be

A drop of bitter tea at night

Who's a memory of the past

A glimpse   The baby fairy will go too

Left behind everywhere prosperous

Flowers alone

It blooms quietly inadvertently

Steal half a day's leisure

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