Devil's satiety: Secrets of Japan's 731 bacteriological warfare force (14)

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Khabarovsk Far East military court failed to find out 731 Countless autopsies carried out by the army ( According to some former army personnel , The person who just died is “ Autopsy before death ”—— Legally , Dead body and body temperature , Don't think it's a body , Dissect this corpse , Not an autopsy , It's called vivisection ) The truth of . This is because the soldiers on trial carefully covered up the facts , The reason for shielding their leader . From the records of the Khabarovsk trial , Everywhere you can see the words that the defendant tried hard to hide or narrow the facts . in other words , The defendant sensitively observed the trial intention and the edge of the Soviet authorities , Then repeatedly confess the exposed criminal acts in the answer trial , Always take a “ Things not asked , Not a word ” The attitude of . therefore , Recorded in Khabarovsk “ Public trial documents ” In itself , Although it is a detailed record of the Japanese army's criminal acts of bacteriological warfare , But there is such a danger : Namely the 731 All the actions of the army are limited to “ Public trial documents ” From the facts listed above . Information 、 Documents and published documents , It's all printed in type , From these things , The reader is apt to have a of the type “ superstition ”, But to expose 731 The truth about the army , Only by dabbling in printed materials or hard copy of the facts already mentioned , It's not enough . Relying on that little evidence will fall into a metaphysical surface investigation . It's just a pile of ready-made data . Inherit 、 Errors in expanding readily available information , It's also dangerous . Written by Yoshiro Yamada 《 Bacteriological warfare military trial 》 And Shimamura 《 In vivo experiments of 3000 people 》, As a record , It's very good , Because although they are based on Khabarovsk's military trial “ Public trial records ”, But it is also confirmed by the author's personal investigation . As mentioned above “ mouth ” Zilou 2 、 Each class on the third floor uses the anatomy room located in a corner of the army . I mentioned earlier “ Maruta ” He once wrote :“ Maruta ” yes “ By number …… As 731 The distribution of the belongings of each class of the army , It has become the basis for them to carry out in vivo experiments according to different research purposes ” material “.“ Maruta ” Why must “ As the property of each class ” Well ? One of the biggest reasons is the vivisection in the anatomy room . Collect fresh from the living “ specimen ” when , It must be determined in advance which class these specimens are from “ Everything ”. According to the testimony of the former army personnel , When actually performing vivisection , The anatomy of the “ Maruta ” The right of the human body to hold a knife and carry out experiments , Belong to have this “ Maruta ” My class . After the knife dissection and experiment , The internal organs of the human body , According to the requirements of each research class . They informed each research class of the plan of dissecting the living body and carrying out the experiment in advance .“ After dissection, hand over the small intestine and pancreas a class ”,“b Ben needs brains ”,“c Ben wants the heart ”…… Since then, I've been making appointments . This is a of human parts that have been dissected alive “ Pre order ”.731 The army performed a vivisection , There are roughly two purposes : The first purpose is to collect specimens . When people suffer from infectious diseases , Whether the heart will be enlarged ? Whether the liver will change color ? How does the infection change in each period ? When people are alive , Find out the changes of each part , Dissecting a living body is the most “ ideal ” Method . It's not just collecting specimens of infectious diseases , The value of vivisection is that it can study “ Maruta ” After taking a drug , as time goes on , Various changes of viscera related to this . To that end , to “ Maruta ”“ injection ” All the substances that people want to get relevant results . from “ Maruta ” Inject air into your veins , Observe the process through which various organs of the body suffocate ? Although army personnel know that injecting air can lead to human death , But they are interested in a more detailed process . They also put “ Maruta ” Hang upside down , experiment , Look at the hours and minutes of death , What happens to all parts of the body ? Or the “ Maruta ” Put it into a huge centrifugal separator and repeat the high-speed rotation experiment , until “ Maruta ” Until death . Pee 、 Horse blood is injected into the kidneys , What happens to the human body ? They use monkey blood 、 Horse blood and human blood were tested alternately . From “ Maruta ” How much blood do you draw from your body ? They used needles to draw blood many times . This is an out and out squeeze . What happens if you put a lot of smoke into people's lungs ? If poison gas is used instead of smoke , What will happen ? Poisonous gas or erosive gas enters the human stomach , What will happen ? Try this medicine , No , When using that substance …… Those things that are usually even thought to be evil and taboo , stay 731 But the troops put it into practice carelessly . utilize x Long time irradiation of light rays destroys the liver , It is also one of the contents of in vivo experiment . It is said that , It also includes some meaningless experiments that have long been recognized in the medical community . A scalpel for dissecting a living body , Mainly by people with assistant qualifications in the research class ( Employee ) master …… The idea of collecting specimens , Proposed by the squad leader . The monitor of each class was a famous scholar or doctor at that time . Only those who are particularly interested “ Maruta ”, They just did it . Usually never stain your hands . Let the department do everything . The staff of each class have no guilt about vivisection , Rather, the classes were filled with an atmosphere of expectation about what kind of specimens could be collected this time . This is the testimony of the former army personnel . Under general or local anesthesia “ Maruta ”, An hour later, it has become a “ The best living specimen ”.