Devil's satiety: Revelation of Japanese 731 germ warfare force (15)

2021-10-14 01:44:30  作者:Photography

According to the former army personnel , In this kind of anatomy “ experiment ” in , They had received Japanese professors from Harbin Medical University and Xinjing, the capital of Manchuria at that time ( Today Changchun ) University's “ Commissioned research ”. According to the needs of the research topic , Although only a few times , however , University professors have also been here 731 forces . It's heavily guarded every time , When I got off the bus, I covered the professor's eyes tightly , After entering the building, I took off the blindfold . There is a , Travel to Harbin “ Royal people ” Quietly came 731 forces , Shiro Ishii, commander of the army, according to “ Without the permission of the commander of the eastern Army , No one is allowed to enter ” The provisions of the , Let this “ Royal people ” Waiting outside the gate for a long time , After a good word , Just showed him around the facilities . This episode is well known among the relevant personnel . Captain Shiro Ishii ( Lieutenant general ) It is considered that living body dissection is an attractive “ experiment ”, And take it as the opportunity for Japanese medical personnel interested in it to participate in the army “ bait ”, Many professors are 731 Troops , He taught in Harbin Medical University at that time .“ A professor of a famous national university had many difficult operations in Japanese medicine after the war , Win a high reputation , Won the government medal …… How did this gentleman master such excellent surgical skills ? It would be great if such a difficult operation failed ! Didn't that gentleman fail ? No , His operation has failed dozens of times ,…… Where did he accumulate these experiences ? It's all in 731 forces !” In Kansai , I met a member of the original Army , He said , With “ Maruta ” Who has performed many difficult operations for the object “ experiment ”.“ Maruta ”—— Is the person , It's not human . Because of every “ Maruta ” No name , Only numbered management cards . When “ Maruta ” By “ consumption ” After falling , Just put his number in the new “ Stock purchase ” Of “ Maruta ” On the body . however , By 731 A person who performs an autopsy in the army , Not all “ Anti Japanese elements ”. Now let's introduce an example witnessed by the former army personnel at that time !1943 One day in , They took a Chinese teenager into the autopsy room . According to the former army personnel , The boy is not “ Maruta ”, It is estimated that it may have been abducted from somewhere , Details are unknown . The boy seems to have been desperate , Squatting in the corner of the anatomy room . More than a dozen team members in white coats standing around the anatomical table , Only sterilized hands are exposed . One man said a short sentence , Order the boy to climb up the anatomical table .