Devil's satiety: uncover secrets of Japanese 731 bacteriological warfare force (17)

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A former soldier who retreated from a bungalow 731 After more than 20 years of defeat, the army made the following 17 haiku about their experience : A cold frostbite , You Xiang painted with a brush , His hands trembled . Second, stare “ Maruta ”, His hands were as stiff as ice , Meat crack white bone dew . Vivisection of trisomy , The flesh and blood on the scalpel , Blood coagulates into a ball . The four scorching sun shines in the sky , Handcuffs and fetters , The sound of lock shook the building and cried . Five, escape from prison for survival , The light of the knife and the shadow of the gun are pressing , Liberation is a lifelong sacrifice . 6. High anti imperialist will , The blood oath is left on the wall , Buried in the fire . The seven demons are afraid to leave charges , Throw the body into the fire , Oil stinks . 8. To commit a serious crime for life , Virus fleas attack people , Blood sucking makes the disease . The nine lions roared wildly , The devil doctor died , Sweating all over . The tenth building was on fire , The devil's white tower trace wants to disappear , The ghost dream is empty . 11. His face is covered with mud and sweat , The runaway truck ran into the field , Run south quickly . Twelve tunnels are stuffy and dark , Sweat and coal dust all over my body , A friend in a car is worried . Thirteen one cuts into ashes , I heard the news of defeat on the way to escape , The truck wailed . 14. Cross the border , People are calm and peaceful , Busy wiping sweat . It's stuffy and hot in the hot summer , Sit around sweating , Talk about Busan night . 16. Return home by boat , Lean on the fence and point to Xianqi port , New green permeates people's hearts . More than seventeen years ① quietly , Black stele speechless, wind neutral , It's cold under the five wheel tower .① More grinding : The name of a tomb in Japan , In this cemetery, there is a sacrifice to the dead 731 Black stone tablets of army officers and soldiers ——“ Soul tower ”.—— According to the former army personnel , When he started attending haiku meetings , Published several of them , however , Almost none of the participants understood the meaning of Haiku . Now let me do it instead of the author “ Answer key ” Well ! First of all 、 Two song “ Freezing meat injury ” and “ gaze ‘ Maruta ’…… Meat crack white bone dew ” In order to 731 The army Jicun class conducted a cruel frostbite experiment . It is estimated that readers have noticed this . The fourth one “ The sun is shining in the sky ……” It's about people in handcuffs and shackles “ Maruta ” Be escorted to 731 Scene of troops . The sixth song “ High anti imperialist will , The blood oath is left on the wall ……” The meaning will be described in detail later .1945 year 8 month 9 Japan 731 When the troops began to retreat and collapse , They found it written in blood on the wall of a single cell in a special prison “ Bring down Japanese imperialism ”、“ Long live the Communist Party of China ” Wait for the slogan . The seventh song “ Oil stinks ” It's about burning the slaughtered during the retreat “ Maruta ” The scene of the body . Of the eighth song “ Life is a heavy crime ……” It is clearly a case of repeated infection experiments using the plague fleas in the anderset laboratory. . The of the ninth song “ The lion roared wildly ……” Is written 731 The commander of the army —— Lieutenant general Shiro Ishii . Although I wrote this documentary on the premise of not talking about the personal responsibility of military personnel , however , Personal question about captain Ishii , As 731 Founder of the army , As a symbol , To illustrate 731 The nature of the force , I have to mention him personally . Of the tenth song “ The building was on fire ……” Or describe from 8 month 9 Evacuation operation started on . The of the eleventh song “ His face is covered with mud and sweat bubbles ……”, The twelfth song “ The tunnel is stuffy and dark ……”, Of the thirteenth song “ Everything turns to ashes ……”, The of the fourteenth song “ Flying across borders ……”, And the fifteenth 、 Sixteen capital is written 731 Troops withdrew from bungalows , Cross the border between China and North Korea and go south , After receiving the notice of defeat , They are afraid of being held accountable for war crimes ,“ The whole family is scattered ”, Escape before returning to Japanese ports . There are many episodes hidden in the process of escape . The last one is “ It's quiet , Black stele speechless, wind neutral , It's cold under the five wheel tower ”. The meaning of this poem is deep and long . At the end of the war ,731 Although the troops were disbanded , however , After the war , The troops remained in contact , They established various comrades in arms associations , The National Congress is held once a year , To relive “ Old friendship ”.1958 year , In order to sacrifice the spirits of the dead army personnel , A monument was built at the Tamo cemetery in Tokyo “ Soul tower ”. In this seat “ Soul tower ” There is no name engraved on the monument , Only a few Sanskrit characters were engraved on the black monument , besides , Didn't explain “ tower ” Any sign of meaning , It hides the origin of the tower , Quietly built in this cemetery . From haiku, it's about this strange tower . indeed , No matter which haiku you look at , The meaning of carving is profound and heavy . His artistic conception far exceeds those who are used to paying attention to seasonal language , Haiku people's understanding of singing flowers, birds, wind and moon . In these seventeen Haiku , I noticed the fifth song : Escape for survival , The light of the knife and the shadow of the gun are pressing , Liberation is a lifelong sacrifice . What does this haiku mean ? from “ Prison break ” In a word , It's probably written 731 Force ad hoc prison ——“ Maruta ” What happened in the cabin . Prison break —— This is actually a special prison that can't even survive under tight security . Held here “ Maruta ”, Living in a terrible situation where three people were slaughtered in two days , They risked their limited lives , Bravely resisted . The largest one was on the eve of the end of the war ——1945 year 6 It happened in the first ten days of the month “ Maruta ” riot .