Devil's satiety: Secrets of Japan's 731 bacteriological warfare force (18)

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The army is called “7 building ”、“8 building ” The special prison is an independent two-story reinforced concrete building , It is from 20 It consists of more than single cells and collective cells . The single cell is made of thick 40 Cm solid concrete walls separated by iron doors . The whole row of single cells is surrounded by a wide corridor , The corridor is glazed , The section outside the window is trapezoidal , There is also a layer of iron fence protruding outward . Walk out of the corridor , To go through the stairs on the right in the figure . Between the corridor and the stairs , There is a gate made of thick steel plate . Sometimes... Is allowed “ Maruta ” Go out and get some air , The people who came out of the single cell were tied in a string , Through the iron gate , Go down the stairs , Then enter “ Inner courtyard ”.“ Inner courtyard ” The area is quite large , There are lawns .“7 building ” A corner of the inner courtyard , There is still an unfinished stadium space , allow “ Maruta ” Exercise . The so-called movement , Just mowing the lawn , Pull weeds or pick stones on the court , Repair the drainage ditch of the special prison .“ Maruta ” Facing the thick concrete wall all day , Waiting for death . For them , This can be in direct contact with the outside air , Walking on the ground “ motion ”, How much can you relax ! however , Came to “ Inner courtyard ” Of “ Maruta ” I also know that it is impossible to learn from 731 The troops fled , Will certainly feel more desperate . because “ Inner courtyard ” All around , By “ mouth ” The tall outer walls of the word building surround , It's a sealed space . Even if you somehow break through the iron door to the single cell , Into the corridor , But it will still be blocked by solid iron doors that cut off corridors and external connections . Even if you pry open the iron door , Down the stairs , Rush in “ Inner courtyard ”, however ,“ Inner courtyard ” There is no exit anywhere . You bet , Surrounded by a “ Maruta ” Environment , It's desperate , Even anything leading to hope does not exist . They consider “ Maruta ” The possibility of escape , Surrounded by a “ Inner courtyard ” Of “ mouth ” There is no exit in the word building , The wall is very high , The glass window is high above the second floor . Special prisons “7 building ”、“8 building ” Built symmetrically on the left and right .“8 building ” Mainly female prisoners “ Maruta ” Of . The special prison is made up of 731 The army special squad is responsible for the management of . The special squad leader is gang Nan, the elder brother of the army commander Shiro Ishii . Lieutenant general Shiro Ishii has three brothers , The eldest brother's name is Hu Xiong , The second brother's name is gang Nan , The third brother's name is Sannan . Except for the dead tiger male , The three brothers Ishii control 731 All important positions in the army . According to the former army personnel , Responsible for managing the “ Maruta ” The special squad in the cabin , Including security 、 guard 、 Cooking and clerical staff are about 50 people . Almost all the members of the special class are Ishii brothers and their villagers —— The second in the countryside near Zhishan Town, Shanwu Prefecture, Chiba County 、 Old three ① Young men of , They were brought out by Shijing . Lieutenant general Ishii is worried about exposing the secrets of the special prison , So use your relatives and friends to guard against .① In the past, in rural Japan , Only the eldest son has the right to inherit property , The second and third are discriminated in all aspects .—— translator