2021-10-14 01:43:08  作者:Photography

        Because of the drought this year , The mountain corn harvest is almost extinct , It's hard to see one in the farmer's yard 、 Piles of corn .

        I remember when I was a kid , When the corn is ripe , There is a familiar smell everywhere in the village . All I heard in my cornfield was “ Clicking , Clicking ” The sound of , The corn cob was pulled by the mother's hard hand , Then she was held in her hand and touched like a child 、 Ponder over …… Then it was carefully packed in a bag .

        After school, , I hurried to the field and put myself into work . Each of us is responsible for one line , Search the corn one by one , Then break off the sticks one by one , Simply and mechanically repeat this action . After a while , Sweat dripped down my cheeks , The autumn clothes on the body were also soaked with sweat . The powder from the ear of corn fell into his neck , Stick to the skin , There's an itchy feeling . Do this until it's dark, and then transport the corn home in a rack car . Work a day , People will be hungry , I also sleep very sweet at night .

        Have a few days , The family always sit around and row corn grains . Father was responsible for stabbing a few holes in the corn cob with a screwdriver , Then we use corncobs as auxiliary tools , Press it on the palm and rub the corn grain down . The more golden corn grains gather , Soon it was like a hill piled up . The whole family sat around , I will never forget the scene of mutual cooperation .

        The corn kernels are drying in the yard , The yard glittered with gold . The sun is drying down day by day , The corn kernels are also tightening day by day , There are wrinkles on the corners , Chew one in your mouth , Sweet , My mouth is full of the smell of grain .

        Around the winter solstice , The pot of popcorn shook round and round , The children in the village put corn in snakeskin bags , A long line of popcorn with charcoal and saccharin . whenever “ peng ” With a loud explosion, the pot opened , The children covered their ears and jumped up with the explosion . The smell of corn spread out all at once , It's hot everywhere 、 Crisp smell . White popcorn , The children shoved it into their mouths , eat like wolves and tigers , Chew well . In this way, everyone gathered around the red fire , The carnival will last until late into the night ……