The National Day celebrates the harvest season

2021-10-14 01:40:11  作者:Photography

        Autumn October , Fruity fragrance . Aunt Yu, a fruit farmer in Qianjin village, Pingshan District, Benxi City, ushered in the harvest season . In the orchard , Big red apples hang all over the branches , Some crushed the branches . Early in the morning , Aunt Yu's family is in her son-in-law 、 Picking apples with the help of my daughter and friends . The orchard is full of laughter , People talk and laugh , The faces of the picking people are full of happiness .“ We have plenty of sunshine here , Apple big 、 I feel good 、 High sweetness 、 There's a lot of water , The apple tree has become a cash cow for most villagers , This year's harvest is good .” Aunt Yu said happily .