Let's watch the flower border competition

2021-10-14 01:40:06  作者:Photography

I heard a few days ago , The first flower border competition in Luoyang will be held in the national garden , And the visit to the park is free , My heart yearns for , I'd love to see !

Enter the door

What is a flower border ? Specially go to Baidu .

Flower border is a new application method of landscaping in recent years , It simulates the staggered growth of a variety of wild flowers in the forest edge zone of nature , The application form of centralized planting of various flowers with artistic techniques , With color, natural harmony 、 The landscape is rich in layers 、 Various seasonal changes and other characteristics , It has become the finishing touch of urban landscape improvement and beautiful rural construction .

The scene is full of flowers 、 Very beautiful flowers , Different kinds of flowers and plants 、 Trees and shrubs combine with each other , The flowers are fragrant , Tourists are drunk , Bees and butterflies smell , rise and dance in a happy mood .

reminder , To enjoy the flowers in the national garden, just scan the code at the door and make an appointment , Tickets are free , This benefit lasts until the end of October .

The parking lot outside is overcrowded , I suggest you take the bus or subway , Share a bike and a small electric car and arrange it !