Free throw

2021-10-14 01:40:04  作者:Photography skills

The first time I saw Zhao Yang's painting with a pen in my left hand , I was stunned , It's amazing . Super love !

Who says that artistic creation does not depend on talent ? Who says you can't have extraordinary achievements when you're young !

His amazing masterpieces , Of course, it comes from diligence , It comes from the unremitting pursuit and efforts over the years , however , The aura in the painting 、 romantic charm 、 Breathtaking talent , Can you get it by hard work and diligence alone ? Not at all .

He is so young , Achievements can not be underestimated . I really like these paintings , I was shocked to see it once , Once you see it, the joy will increase by one point .

A proper genius , prostrate oneself in worship !

Zhao Yang , Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts .

Don't talk much , Look at the work .

Zhao Yang said : Many people only want to draw heads like , What I care more about is that I give it the emotion and aura conveyed in spirit with my heart , To feel inside , Continue to depict in the direction you want , This is what I want to paint .

Yes , Freely sprinkle the unique feeling in your heart . The darkness and light in the eyes , The flexibility of realism and freehand brushwork , The infinite appeal of that painting , How nice! .

I Believe , God is giving him a huge energy field , Let him be extraordinary in the best years of his life . Bless and look forward to .

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