The great artistic achievements of Zhao Ji, Huizong of Song Dynasty

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      Hello everyone ! Today, Xiaobian will talk about the eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty , you 're right , Zhao Ji, the famous Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty , You must have seen 《 Water margin 》 All the possibilities are generally clear about him , But his life is also very ups and downs , In his life , His love of art is very famous . Let's take a look at , How great is Huizong's artistic achievement .

      Zhao Ji, Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty , Xuanhao and his master , The eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty , Calligraphers and painters . The eleventh son of song Shenzong 、 Brother of song zhezong . He was successively granted the title of king of Suining 、 Duan Wang . Zhe Zong died in the first month of the third year of Yuanfu without children , The Empress Dowager Xiang made Zhao Ji emperor in the same month , Change the year number the next year “ Jianzhong Yasukuni ”.

      Speaking of Huizong , We first think of the thin gold body created by Huizong , And from the thin gold body , It's not hard for us to see , In fact, Zhao Ji was greatly influenced by Huang Tingjian , Zhao Ji's thin gold topic is learning from Huang Tingjian 、 Xue Yao 、 On the general basis of Chu suiliang and others , Created , The style characteristic of thin gold body is thin and refreshing , The side front is like blue bamboo , It contrasts with the fine brushwork and heavy colors drawn . And the thin gold font is also very different from the previous calligraphy font , His strokes are vigorous and elegant , Full of distinct personality , Not only the writing is sharp , And iron painting and silver hook 、 Elegant and strong , Make people see , Feel very comfortable . This kind of thin gold body was also widely spread and carried forward by later generations , The same is true of many calligraphy works written by Zhao Ji , for example 《 Chen Fang's poetry post 》、《 Wax plum mountain bird shaft 》、《 Song Huizong's peony poems 》、《 I want to borrow wind and Frost Two poetry posts 》、《 After Ouyang inquired about Zhang Han's post 》、《 Li Bai's post on Yangtai 》、《 The autumn moon poem in Leap 》、《 Summer poetry 》、《 Auspicious dragon stone 》、《 Hibiscus and golden pheasant 》 wait . It is not difficult to see the great calligraphy achievements of Huizong , And interested friends can also get to know .

      Next , Let's talk about Huizong's calligraphy and painting , Because Huizong loves art , When he was in office, he raised the status of painter to the highest position in Chinese history , And set up Hanlin calligraphy and Painting Academy , That is, the palace painting academy at that time . at that time , If you are good at painting and calligraphy , You also have a higher chance of being recruited into the palace painting academy , How glorious that should be . During Zhao Ji's reign , Take painting as an examination method for promotion in the imperial examination , Every year, the topic of poetry has stimulated many new creative stories , These have greatly stimulated the development of artistic conception of Chinese painting .

      And Zhao Ji in his life , Favorite painting , It's the flower and bird painting . And in the 《 Xuan he's painting 》 He recorded 2786 flower and bird paintings in his collection , It accounts for 44% of the total collection , You can see that Zhao Ji likes flower and bird painting very much . Not only that , Zhao Ji's flower and bird paintings also have high attainments , Well received by everyone , His flower and bird paintings also have their unique style and characteristics , It also focuses on three aspects , They are the uniqueness of the arrangement of objects, images and ideas 、 The uniqueness of realism 、 The poem 、 book 、 draw 、 The uniqueness of printing combination . On the whole ,“ Emperor Huizong Tianzong will be the saint , Art is supreme to God ”, All aspects of poetry, calligraphy and painting have reached a certain artistic height , Its talent is also excellent , so to speak , Zhao Ji of Huizong is the only one in history who really has high artistic self-cultivation and painting ability , And really called the painter's emperor .

      Speaking of this , You may think Zhao Ji's artistic achievements are over , It's not , Zhao Ji is also a luxury collector . stay 《 Water margin 》 We may not forget an important plot , Yang Zhi is the escort “ Huashigang ” Failure , Just to escape , As a result, there was an amnesty , Just ready to plead with Gao Taiwei to restore his original post . And among them “ Huashigang ”, It is a special transportation name in Chinese history that specially transports strange flowers and stones to meet the preferences of the Emperor . When Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty ,“ The outline ” Means a transportation team , Ten ships are often called one “ The outline ”. During the reign of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, he collected antiques, calligraphy and painting extensively , And expand Hanlin Painting Academy , And make Wen Chen editor 《 Xuanhe calligraphy 》、《 Xuan he's painting 》、《 Xuanhe BOGUTU 》 Such as books , It plays a great role in promoting and advocating the art of painting .

        These are the accomplishments and achievements of Huizong in art all his life , We can see his love for art , He is called “ Artists delayed by the throne ” It seems that it is , Okay , Xiao Bian will talk about this first today , Interested friends can share messages , Thank you for watching !

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