Spirit of ink and wash: interest and emotion -- Liu Ming's modern and contemporary ink and wash works

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      Freehand brushwork is the spirit of literati painting 、 New literati painting 、 The common characteristics and implications of new people's literature and painting . Freehand brushwork , Write about the inner truth , Write about the nature of the heart , It has become an important program of Chinese literati painting . But different times have different freehand experience and methods , Now it is the individual difference that is respected in the ontological sense , The difference between freehand brushwork   Sex and self nature have more metaphysical significance ! This is also the requirement of new humanistic painters to have unique personal skills , And this uniqueness is consistent with the difference in treating the world , This agreement is , Technology goes back to art itself , Return to the integration of art and Taoism .

      This is also a basic quality assurance in the face of chaotic contemporary art . All history must point to today , Because today's main book is about the current history , At the beginning of the 21st century , Calling for a new humanistic painting instead of literati painting will also be a fate arrangement . Xinwen painting will continue to inherit the tradition of freehand brushwork in literati painting , But his background color has changed from the spirit of traditional scholar bureaucrats , Transition and require the quality of modern intellectuals .

With contemporary schema expression . Liu Ming's ink painting subverts “ Literati painting ” The form of , In the moment , You have to have a personal perspective . His art inevitably reflects the life of his generation , It also inevitably shows the survival mood of his generation . Contemporary schema sense is actually an artist's ability to recognize the image of his own era situation consciousness . Just as he handled the picture , Full of upside down and tilting intentions . This intention is an earth shaking reality to transform the impression , At the same time, it is also a complex internal life experience .

      From the tradition of literati and refined scholars to the independence of modern intellectuals 、 subversion 、 Transcendental elements , Show the existing modernity and loneliness 、 The quality of modern intellectuals with broken and purposeful consciousness . Liu Ming's works , Characterized by gentleness , The expression of Wenqi does not mean whether the symbols of modern language appear on the works , But the category of how to express . Ink is a material that makes it easy for us to follow , With tradition 、 Continue with the ancients , Because we are the environment of a pluralistic era 、 It is impossible to simply develop and continue ; It is also different from that since the Renaissance , Human centered humanism , Instead, it absorbs the contents of Chinese thought “ characteristic ” The humanistic spirit of , Among them, man and nature are first of all equal symbiotic relations , Then there is transcendental poetry . After yuan , Traditional literati paintings pay more attention to interest 、 Interesting 、 Elegance , Without paying attention to poetry 、 Transcendence . Lost the poetic nature of painters in Yuan Dynasty and before Yuan Dynasty 、 A sense of transcendence and eternity . New humanistic painters require the quality of modern intellectuals : Humanistic care 、 Ultimate concern is its basic feature and appeal , Liu Ming's artistic expression is like this .

      Artists should have their own unique artistic language . This is not only a technical requirement , It is also the embodiment of a painter's unique way of observing the world . Refuse to imitate and repeat , Crack the multi-level changes of language symbols . Liu Ming's painting context is also elegant and clumsy , Near and far , It is accompanied by fantasy and truth 、 The spiritual experience of the intersection of God and form . At the end of his pen , On paper , Water and ink 、 The rhythm of black and white is changeable and confusing , Each other found souls . The flexibility of pen and ink and the variation of thought , It deduces the ideal world full of humanistic care in the artist's heart , There is endless Zen between deconstruction and reconstruction . Both broaden the boundaries of imagination , Show the perspective and attitude of individuals to the world and the universe , It also promotes modern galleries to establish the historical context and authenticity system of works of art . This is also the requirement of the integration of technology, art and Tao .

Maintain the characteristics of entering the field of traditional cultural spirit from the perspective of Modernity . Liu Ming is influenced by the concept of urban landscape , Abstract ink and wash achievements , Urban Scene 、 Pen and ink are mixed with each other , Reproduce the inner radiance of Boda realm in the form of ink . Chinese ink painting pays attention to the realm , The realm can overcome and repair the poor end of Modernity , Fragmentation and nothingness , Fragments and vanity , These basic demands are also very demanding for contemporary ink artists . It's technology. 、 The requirement of returning to the Tao , It is the requirement of connecting the past and the future to today . In the art phenomenon market above the chaos and noise of desire , These high quality requirements , It has a humanistic and historical height .

    The era of new people's literature and painting is coming .

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