[jiegeda Pingzi] it's interesting to follow the ancients. It's unique in one family

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problem : Today, I will get a pair of Calligrapher's calligraphy , Let's see ? I like miscellaneous , literature 、 Photography 、 Sing a song , And other art categories are half bottle vinegar . see , On the front page , Wukong Q & A invites you to talk about your personal views on a pair of calligraphy . No foolishness , A fool's opinion .

Thank you for the invitation ! Give a brief comment .

Original works

This word is a couplet , The content is : Chasing the ancients is fun , Unique in a family .

The couplet is very good , It can be called the only way to learn calligraphy from ancient times . This is the couplet of he Shaoji, a calligrapher in the Qing Dynasty “ Stand firm and don't turn with the vulgar , It's hard to learn from the ancients ” The same is true .

Upper couplet “ Chasing the ancients is fun ”, Roughly speaking : The experience of our predecessors is very important , If you can deeply copy and learn , You will find that many of these methods are smart and interesting . In fact, learning calligraphy must inherit the tradition .

Lower bound “ Unique in a family ” Roughly speaking : On the basis of copying and learning from the ancients , If you can combine your own ideas and temperament preferences , Good at understanding , You'll have your own family , Produce works that do not deviate from tradition and have their own style charm . In fact, this is about innovation . Inheritance and innovation are a common topic .

This picture looks , The font should be cursive . It should be that the author learned some writing methods of cursive and used them to write couplets , It can be seen that there is not much calligraphy kung fu , And infected with many Jianghu habits . Doodle by hand , The pen floats and the ink slides , The structure is loose , Few testimonies , Plus the paper used, bright red with flowers , The font size is not different , The spacing is too close , It's too expensive 、 Too messy feeling . be called “ Ink ” It's a little far fetched .

One more point , Whether the word method is standardized or not, let alone , The key is not to write wrong words ,“ stay ” The word is almost written “ Lord ” word , I believe many people will read “ Lord ” word , In this way, the meaning of the couplet becomes unreasonable .

I also hope the author can deeply understand the internal meaning of this couplet , Calm down and practice calligraphy carefully , Improve the aesthetic level .

These words may not sound good , But the mouth is bitter and sweet , If you don't like it, don't spray it .

Of course , Say others are better than yourself , The following are my two clumsy paintings , Please meet Mr. Fang .

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