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LiuTi 《 The analects of Confucius 》

        Calligraphy and I can be regarded as old friends for ten years , But my research on calligraphy is not deep , Be objective , I can also be regarded as a scribe ! I'm not motivated to be a calligrapher , But I always feel that I know a little calligraphy in life , Knowing a little about calligraphy will add a lot of fun to life ! See a tablet , Enjoy a pair of couplets , It's kind of like painting and writing …… Make your impetuous heart feel a little calm . I don't care how good calligraphy is , I just want to copy my hand painting , Just happy !

        I first became acquainted with calligraphy in College . I majored in normal education , Three strokes has become a required course , The teacher said to learn brush calligraphy , Sent us a brush 、 felt 、 Ink 、 Rough edge paper , With the first relatively standardized calligraphy Textbook , Give us a brief introduction to the pen 、 ink 、 paper 、 Some related knowledge of inkstone , Since then, I have embarked on a road of no return in my calligraphy study ……

        Learning calligraphy is a process that needs to endure loneliness , There is no noise in calligraphy , Only quiet and elegant , Impetuosity is not allowed in calligraphy , Only longing for peace of mind like water , In calligraphy, it is not allowed to , Just stick to it . I still remember the first time I took the brush incorrectly , The teacher's careful guidance , Insist again and again , Just mastered the essentials of writing ; I still remember the ugliness of writing strokes for the first time , It's the teacher's circle drawing once and again with red chalk , Correct again and again , To find the right way to write ; I still remember the irregularity of my first work , The words are crooked , No signature , It's the teacher's guidance bit by bit , Just let yourself grow up slowly , Thank those teachers who have taught me , Thank you for discussing and studying with me —— Because of calligraphy, we know each other , Thank you for your , Thanks for calligraphy .

        A famous man once said :“ writing , Only a few words become its meaning ; word , A painting has been seen and my heart is in love !” Calligraphy is very different from literature , Every calligrapher lives in his own little world , Use your own understanding , Use your own life , Use a little horizontal and vertical to shape your cognition , Convey your views on society , Every calligraphy lover , It's all a little star , Together constitute the stars and sea of calligraphy !

        A thousand readers, a thousand Hamlets . The same calligraphy work , Everyone's feelings are different . Write what you are writing 《 On the classical sentences of the Analects of Confucius 》, It was written in a relaxed state of mind , The reason why I chose to write it temporarily , Like Liu Gongquan's Qingxiu Junlang , It feels like a clank iron bone , Give people a strength to forge ahead , I especially like that it captures the characteristics of the willow body , Write in modern Chinese characters , It's practical and beautiful . Calligraphy is both a skill , It's also an art , And its artistry is higher than artistry . If we can achieve the integration of technology and art , The integration of spring and snow and xialiba people , That calligraphy will bring you great happiness !

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