Serendipity in the elegant collection of Shengyuan Temple

2021-10-14 01:33:42  作者:Photography skills

The lunar new year begins on the 21st of the autumn moon , Because of fate, we will meet at Shengyuan temple at the foot of Cangshan Mountain . Guanyin Pavilion of Shengyuan Temple began in Nanzhao of Tang Dynasty , Due to the vicissitudes of history , With the change of times, only Guanyin Pavilion remains , The statue of Guanyin here is the father of Guanyin . There are also Bai literati Yang Shiyong “ Bai Wen ” Mountain flower writing 20 The first word is inscribed on a stele , Mountain flower stele . The author first writes about Cang'er scenic spots , Later, he expressed his feelings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism , is a fusion of feelings with the natural setting , It reflects the turbulent period when Han culture and Bai culture collided strongly , The nihilistic mentality of the Bai literati . The most amazing thing is , Twenty wooden lattice doors on the main hall , Each fan is one foot high , Two feet wide , All the fans are embossed , Fine engraving, transparent layers , Twenty reliefs , Formed a set of “ White country for ” The legend of , On each picture , There are concise text descriptions , It is an extremely valuable art treasure . Unfortunately, this art treasure has been destroyed . Improvise a poem

Point Cang Diecui Tibetan ancient temple ,

Pure as water, Buddha's land .

A leaf knows autumn, picks flowers and smiles ,

Because of fate, we will meet in shengyuanliao .

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