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The day of Erya's Xiaobao's haircut gift , Dad rushed here from his hometown early in the morning . I heard a knock at the door , I'll open the door , Dad, it's me , Laugh to reveal eight snow-white teeth ,“ An Na Fei , More and more beautiful !”

One person keeps accounts for Erya and collects money , everything in good order and well arranged , The money matches the account , Give it to Erya , Walk with everyone to the hotel .

There are only two adults at our table , The others are children , Less than a third of the food was eaten , My cousin's four children , Let her pack .

Black brother, they don't eat much at that table , Packed a bag of boiled eggs and steamed bread for me , Let me take two children home first , He stayed to help his brother-in-law pack up .

Go downstairs , See my parents and brother-in-law standing at the door to see off the guests . Far away , My parents looked at us with a smile , My brother-in-law said, sister, why don't you order more to see how thin you are now ! That's not true , It was really too solid before .

evening , Think of the wine and banquet during the day , Can't sleep over and over , The little egg beside me has already gone to sleep . Get up quietly , Talk to brother hei .

Pillow on brother Black's arm , Two people whispered . Brother Hei said he ate very little at noon , The table is full of fish and meat, but I can't eat it , With a sigh “ I'll die of eating leftovers !”

Black brother gets off work late , The brothers have long been hungry , Can't wait to eat first , Brother Hei won't let him wait . Every time I come back, it's like the wind rolling residual clouds , In order not to let me eat leftovers the next day , Sweep the dishes off the table , Pour some hot water , Stir... Stir , In short, the last basin is dry and the bowl is clean , Fill your diaphragm with satisfaction ……

I had free breakfast in the canteen for two months , After school , Brother Hei can finally have breakfast at home like Dabao !

In the morning , Black brother wolfed down a big bowl of fried noodles with sauce , Announce to me again that I won't eat in the evening .

Laugh away . I can't remember how many times he started his weight loss plan , Without exception, they all made a big start , then , No, then ……

Like Garfield doing sit ups , Lie on your back at night , Get up the next morning .

I admire those mothers who put the table into flowers and even paintings , So attentive , So delicate , It's amazing !

I just have a deep question in my heart : Can you eat enough ? custom ! Maybe what they pay attention to is reasonable collocation , Nourishing eyes and moistening heart ?

The painting style of our dining table is :

A bowl , A reel , A basin , a pot of ……

I want to make sure that the half sized boy who weighs more than 100 kilograms and is as tall as me and the little man who can eat what he likes can eat enough . To put it bluntly , First of all, we should solve the problem of food and clothing .

“ Wang fried ” chicken breast , So big , The momentum of frying steak , Who else? ?

Then give yourself a plate of fried pumpkin , It just looks like a potato !

Tender pumpkin with vermicelli shrimp skin and egg , Making vegetarian fried dumplings is excellent ! In two days , On the arrangements .

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