Record the flower path journey 21

2021-09-15 06:31:11  作者:Photography

      A friend once told me : After contacting with you, I know that learning flower path requires long-term learning , It's not like learning mobile photography. You can learn it in a short time .

      Yes , The so-called Tao , Nature is a far-reaching road , It can't be done overnight , This is not just learning the art of flower arrangement , It's more about self-cultivation . Learn to converge , Learn to fear , Learn to hold on , Learn to be patient , Learn to appreciate , Learn to appreciate beauty and so on .

      Today's Lin sect flower pattern is inserted , The flower material is : King Whyte 、 Little Daisy 、 Miscanthus . This pattern is mainly inspired by Lin School painting , Spread out in a sector or circle , Show living in the present situation .

      The pattern is relatively simple , The echo between flowers is very important .