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This is Comrade Zhang Ping, then vice mayor of Kuitun city 《 The sun · Rain and dew · Seedlings 》 A preface to the publication of a Book . Written in front of the book

Mr. He Yaojun was my middle school physics teacher . In the early 1980s , Due to the lack of physics teachers in the school , Please give us a lesson . His tall and straight figure 、 Elegant and wise speech 、 I was deeply impressed by the concise and clear explanation . Last spring , On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I would like to express my condolences to the old comrades who work in Kuitun and live in Shanghai after retirement , As a retired vice chairman of the former municipal CPPCC, Mr. is also invited . He is over seventy , But it still has the style of a teacher . He told me that he was writing some articles for children and parents , I hope I can give back to Kuitun education in an appropriate way , Do something more for Kuitun's children and parents . Now the sample of this book is on my desk .

Mr. Li has chosen to apply for normal universities since the 1950s , It has an indissoluble bond with Education . After graduating from University, I went to Kuitun to engage in Education , He has successively served as a teacher of Kuitun No. 1 middle school 、 The headmaster , Director of Municipal Bureau of Education 、 Vice chairman of the CPPCC . After retirement, he also engaged in private education in Hangzhou . It can be said that he devoted most of his life to Kuitun's education . He has rich experience in education and teaching management , Have a more in-depth study on the educational management and psychological counseling of middle school students . Based on his decades of teaching experience and many cases about the growth of teenagers , The book written , It is intended to provide a happy growth guide for young adults , It also provides parents with some principles and methods of educating their children .

Fourteen or fifteen year olds are in a period of rapid physical and psychological changes . At this stage , Children are under great pressure to study , Receive more information from the outside world , Study 、 life 、 The ability to deal with all kinds of problems in making friends is not strong enough , Therefore, they encounter many troubles and puzzles . At this time, we can give children specific guidance and help , It can be said that it is a timely help . The reality is that our teachers are imparting cultural knowledge to students , In addition to caring about their achievements , It is difficult to say that the understanding and attention given to children are fully in place , In terms of personality 、 moral 、 Moral education is often inadequate ; And our parents are facing the only child , Lack of educational theory and practical experience , Or influenced by the social atmosphere and restricted by their own quality , Enlightenment on children's wisdom in family education 、 Emotional cultivation 、 Habit building 、 In the education of being a person and doing things, we often pay attention to one thing and lose the other . So this book for children and parents to read together , It has strong practical guiding significance .

in my opinion , The characteristics of this book are reflected in the following aspects : First, its guidance . The work focuses on the problems often encountered in students' growth and parents' Tutoring , Analyze and solve them one by one , The guiding characteristics are obvious ; Second, it has readability . The work abandons the pure theoretical preaching , There is no lack of scientific theoretical basis . stay 《 Words for young friends 》 In every article, there is the origin of characters and things , And the process and results of dealing with the problem . It feels reasonable , It's kind to read ; Third, operability . Because this book selects some typical cases , So almost all students and parents can “ accordingly ”. Without special guidance , as long as “ stick closely to the pattern given ” That's it . in addition , Some key articles are followed by “ testing ” and “ consulting ”, It can help readers further analyze and solve relevant problems in combination with their own actual situation ; Fourth, it has empathy . The author sits with students and parents and talks with them , Based on the principle of respect and understanding , Enlighten their thoughts , Give them targeted psychological counseling .

The reason for this book , Its significance lies in the hope of providing awesome sails and oars for the young adults ; I also hope all teachers and parents , Use scientific educational methods , Create more happiness for children , Let happiness send them on a successful voyage , Always drive to the other side of success ; I also hope that front-line teachers can learn from this , More from the perspective of paying attention to children's growth , More practice , Also more summary , collect bits of fur under the foxes ' forelegs to make a robe , Make more education and teaching achievements form the summary of experience and the sublimation of theory , Let the hundred flower garden of Kuitun education be full of flowers , a hundred flowers contend in beauty ; Of course , He Yaojun, who is over 70 years old and still devotes his life to Kuitun Education . Lao Ji's love education , The peach and plum blossoms grow in a strange way . His spirit deserves the admiration and study of his colleagues .

It is in order. .

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