Don't be intimidated by imaginary difficulties

2021-09-15 05:51:02  作者:Life journey

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As the saying goes :“ It is difficult to know a thing until it is known ”, But there are a lot of things , Don't do it yourself 、 To experience , Always intimidated by some imagined difficulties . On the contrary, if you do your best , Will find that things are not so difficult , Or even if there are difficulties , The difficulty is not as big as expected , But something that can be overcome or overcome slowly .

I remember when I was six or seven , A little heartless and bold , Adults arrange something, whether they will do it or not , Well done , Always promise to do your best . What impressed me most was that I went to the neighboring village's consignment store to buy things , In the past, we had to walk along the river along the six or seven mile mountain road , I never thought about the difficulties I might encounter on the way , No, it's a long way , Sooner or later, go straight to action . Although I also experienced the danger of river rising on the way , The threat of a vicious dog , But it can overcome difficulties , Each successful completion of the task .

When I was ten years old, I slowly learned to think , Naturally learned to be lazy , When you don't want to run errands for adults , Always find some reason not to go , Summer can be said , If it rains, the river will rise ; It can be said that the river freezes in winter , The stones to tread on when crossing the river ; It can be said that there are evil dogs passing by the village , It can be said that there are wild wolves passing by the mountain village . And so on. , To name but a few , As long as you don't want to do , There are so many excuses . It's natural to do a lot less , But less because of running errands , The ability to constantly overcome difficulties , A reputation for bravery .

As an adult , It's been through a lot of things , Also made some things , Many successful things are done without careful consideration , Completely completed in a foolish and bold state . Well prepared to do , Although there are successful , But the success rate has not improved significantly , On the contrary, it is because of the so-called careful preparation , Gave up many opportunities to challenge .

Life is a one-way street , As long as you move forward, you will always find a way out , Hesitation and retreat will only stand still . The difficulties and challenges of life as long as you do , There are more ways than difficulties , And don't want to dare to face it , There are more excuses than problems .

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