I want to live an ordinary life

2021-09-15 05:50:24  作者:Life journey

Today, because of a little thing at work , Add a little private matter ( Just no paper towels , I want to put two bags of paper for my little assistant “ take forcible possession of ”) Just follow Sally A chat . After all, we haven't seen each other for a month and a half , I can only talk every other time , Say hello to what you're doing . Of course, the answer is , Everybody's the same , having dinner , sleep , Watching TV .

However Sally Asked a question I couldn't answer , She asked. : When can you see me ?

This problem , Actually ask , When can we start ? The Vietnamese government's plan is 9/15 Start back to work , But today has been 8 The no. , In another week , Will things get better ? No one knows . So I dare not answer , I can only say it's fast .Sally Alone in the rental house , Stay in the little house day by day , Kill time , You can't walk yet , Just think about how boring it is .

I'd love to Sally ah , Want to live an ordinary life , Want to go to the supermarket , I want to eat hot pot , I want to eat boiled fish , Want to go out for a walk .

You see , Such a two-way miss , It's the highest level of love for working relationships .

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