A wave in the wave

2021-09-15 03:35:46  作者:Life journey

wind , Just blinked a few times


With golden ripples

Bees gather the fragrance of rice

Nest on father's lips

Know your father

Because of a long-standing relationship

My father said , Life doesn't need tears

I am at ease , Rely on a pair of thick palms

I'm glad , Wading in the farmer's broad mind


The soft beard is like a light colored cloud

I play a pleasant piano in the warm world

Father squinted and snickered

On his territory

Hairy green temples grow

The silver moon is like a hook , The evening wind is like the beginning

Just want to listen to the birds singing and dancing

Just want to sing a new song, rural rhyme

The beauty of its meaning , Enough to tempt the souls of the universe

I'm afraid the purple swallow won't return

Love is hidden in the waves

The stove in July is burning with poetic fervor

Plump , The graceful Miao Yin in the field

Maturity is a cup of comforting wine

The sickle in August is quenched in wine

Over my father's surging chest

With autumn

It's like a teenager's hair floating in the wind

The sickle cuts the evening dress

Father is still patrolling the fields

The smell of sweat spread on the west window

The humming melody overflows the lips

A forgotten lyrics

Stroll through the fields

The new blue rhyme is composed by the moonlight

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