Talk about the wind and moon in the kitchen: there is great beauty in heaven and earth

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      Two cold dishes made of radish and a carrot tomato beef soup , Dolls love to eat .

  Like a man , Each dish also has its own unique character ,“ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” Radish is a typical type of external cooling and internal heating .

  Its appearance is very uneven green , Green gradually turns pale from top to bottom , As if washed by water , Looks half new . It lies in the pile of vegetables , Unless a confidant deliberately looks for it , Otherwise, it's hard to pick it out of the potatoes and cabbages at a glance ; Look at its shape , There is no tempting place , Square with circle , stocky , Several times larger than ordinary tomatoes , Long Ling can't be the thing in my hand ; Much smaller than ordinary watermelon , Can't be held up by my hands . Its appearance , So unattractive , The roots are still covered with mud , Don't understand it , I don't know under its cold skin , It has a moving style like a rose .

“ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” At the table , First bathe with water , Take off the crisp green leather coat , Expose rose red ketone bodies , After I cut Cuipi into several pieces , Pour chili oil and vinegar 、 salt , Make it sour and spicy ; I cut the rose red pulp into thin filaments to make a sweet and sour salad . Two delightful pictures , As beautiful as a rose , Like the coolness of green bamboo . Eat to the end , Look at my doll scooping the rose red sweet and sour juice soaked in Radish with a spoon , More beautiful juice than old wine , Chuckling and sipping . I feel as if my lips are also dyed rose red , Not without a smile . Anyway, I used to laugh , Get together with XinLiMei radish , It's even more eye-catching .

Two small plates of cold dishes and tomato carrot beef soup , On my old wooden table , It's very suitable for those old wood grains .

      Speaking of “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ”, I've known him since I was a child , It's predestined . Naked oats noodles made by my mother in summer are the best to eat , because “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” The existence of . Eat naked oats noodles , Pay attention to cool 、 Hot soup . Mother always “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” Rub silk to make cold soup , Served with shredded cucumber and tomato , Add vinegar 、 The soy sauce , Cool boiled water , Then choke with sesame oil and pepper 、 sesame 、 Sichuan Pepper 、 The onion 、 Garlic 、 Pour dried ginger powder into the cold soup , A pot of bright red 、 the vivid green 、 Bright purple 、 Soft white 、 The pictures intertwined with earth and yellow are so greedy , The whole family had a feast of naked oats , The most local and delicious !

      At that time , Mother is always giving “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” Before wiping , Will specially cut into thin slices to satisfy our appetites . Eat raw as a child “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ”, The taste is unforgettable , At that time, my mother was afraid that we would be heartbroken by eating too many raw radishes , Often give a thin piece . The radish skin is crisp and spicy, and the radish meat is crisp and sweet , It's refreshing ! What really surprised me was , Hold in your hand “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” My heart is even darker than the color of roses , With the water spirit of the radish family , But hidden in a light green coat , No mountain, no dew .

        I 38 Five major operations after the age of , There were four high symptoms all year round after operation . When gout strikes , The toes and fingers are red and swollen, and the pain is unbearable , It's not just difficult to walk , Even grasping chopsticks is difficult . I found a folk diet prescription from my friend : eat “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” Radish can regulate high uric acid . I was skeptical , But I bought a chubby one right away “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ”, Cut into thin slices and eat raw . What's amazing is , Eat for a day “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” Radish slices , Uric acid goes down , The swelling and pain of hands and feet disappeared without a trace . Beyond all doubt ,“ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” So far, I have become my best friend of health .

      And this cold and hot “ friend ” Heart to heart , Taste its inner beauty , dimension C、 phosphorus 、 riboflavin 、 iron , And rich in saccharifying enzymes and mustard oil , It can remove stagnation and help digestion , Soothing Qi and relieving depression, etc . Especially in my pain “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” After saving each other , Its rich connotation has an unusual position in my heart , With an extraordinary great Xia identity .

      “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” It's vital to my health . And if the human heart is not beautiful , It has a great impact on life .

      “ As far as the human mind is concerned , It's not our mind , It's not our heart , All in all , It's not our body , but , It's in our minds , In our hearts , In every inch of our skin . The human mind is a field , A life field .”   

      For the rest of my life , In this case “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ” People who , There are two or three . They are so beautiful , But still hidden in the city well , Live with a taste , Have an idea , Have a attitude , There's character , I like to keep in touch with such people , I also hope I can practice into a “ sweet pink-fleshed radish ”.

        Heaven and earth have great beauty without words .

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