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Comments on Japan street in Dalian on the Internet , For a while, Luoyang paper is expensive . Say join the fun , Enough to show frivolity . Outside Dalian lies the Yellow Sea , Inner arch Bohai Bay , Stand head to head , It can be described as the Pearl on the tip of Liaodong Peninsula island . In the late Qing Dynasty , Has been looked around and coveted by Qiang Kou . Jia Wu 、 Two wars between Japan and Russia , Lushun 、 Dalian is completely owned by the Japanese , The earliest Kwantung Army headquarters was located in Dalian , It has become a bridgehead for launching the September 18 and all-round invasion of China . Regardless of the length of forty years , The sun left behind is clean , There must be clues under the microscope . An old story : A mountain , There is a Japanese style soul summoning tower , Demolition or not , Leave out the following .

Snap fingers 、 today , The past has drawn lessons from the past. The spring and Autumn period is seventy years old , Japanese people in another way , Generally speaking, it is called cultural existence , Landing in Dalian . Speak true , I have never doubted the uniqueness of Japanese literary style , With the harmony between tradition and Modernity , Have no equal . Kawabata Yasunari's Nobel Prize winning speech , yes 《 I'm in beautiful Japan 》. His statement is sincere and true , The words are moving , More moving , It is the Japanese culture behind the words . From Kyoto 、 Kamakura 、 Tokyo , To Mount Fuji 、 Musashino 、 The temple of the Golden Pavilion , Then there are colorful regional customs and food culture , Turn a deaf ear to , You know it, but pretend you're confused , It may be self deception to sell your tongue openly and secretly .

Viruses , Has become a public enemy of mankind , Not inferior to the harm of war . The war has not disappeared , Because there is a struggle between the strong and the weak in the world , resources , The earth is limited , And the quota is uneven , Greed is a bottomless hole , The inertia of natural selection , peace , Have your eternal dream !

A local style street , Then the crowd is fierce , Even camp fire , Spittle brick . Shoudang , Lack of cultural confidence , Without going into culture , A confident country , It must be a community blending Haina , Then learn from each other , The lintel that glorifies one's own culture . Japanese people have opened audio-visual since Tang Dynasty , Absorb and store Chinese culture , No, we'd better put a gun through our heart , Raise a knife and cut off our heads . Culture cannot change human nature , Just a symbol across the world . Not only Dalian , That dark age , More than half of China has been infected by strong bandits . Weak country , It becomes chopping board meat , Fish bait , To be subjected to humiliation . Speak and write against the perpetrator , It's already in the abyss of blood . They still live their own lives , Mountains and rivers are exotic , Sigh for life , bullshit ! Don't set cultural barriers , This is about cultural bird eggs . The fate of a street , Patriotism can be defined . Such a view , Study abroad and settle down 、 Those who travel and shop across the sea in Wuyang can be labeled as traitors . The shell was kicked by the donkey , Despise and despise ugliness and cruelty , But don't pull your eyelids shallow, mud and sand , Kill with a big stick . Our country is not so fragile , Our nation is not so fragile , Our culture is not so fragile .

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