Guo Jingjing is a Star chaser and becomes a fan sister. She bends over and hugs her shoulder to take photos. See her personality for details

2021-08-09 18:32:56  作者:Tencent Entertainment

In recent days, , A group of photos of Guo Jingjing chasing Quan hongchan were exposed , It's got everyone's attention .

After the diving competition of the Tokyo Olympic Games , Guo Jingjing flies to the podium to find Quan hongchan 、 Chen Yuxi and Zhang Jiaqi take a group photo , Guo Jingjing ran and covered her mask with her hand , It's like a successful fan sister , You can feel her happiness across the screen , It's so cute .

After running to the podium , Guo Jingjing stood beside Quan hongchan , And sort out the gold medals for my sister , A spoiled big sister .

In a group photo , In order to take care of the height of Quan hongchan's sister , I leaned over and hugged my shoulders to take pictures with my sisters , There is no shelf at all , After seeing Guo Jingjing's action, netizens praised her , It's so personal in detail .

After taking a group photo with sister Quan hongchan , Guo Jingjing is not enough , He felt his cell phone again and began to shoot it by himself , Standing sister who incarnates her sister , Ha ha ha , Full score of star chasing power .

Last , Guo Jingjing also borrowed gold medals and winning clothes from her sisters , I stood on the podium and took a picture , With the joy of the Champions , Also draw a perfect end to being a referee for the first time .

The Tokyo Olympics ,00 After that, the young players are better and better , and 14 Quan hongchan is the youngest contestant in the Chinese team .

She has never participated in any international competitions , The first time you participate in the competition, you will win the gold medal , The ten meter platform diving competition I participated in broke the world record with full marks in three jumps , Amazing everyone , Called a gifted girl , More praised as Guo Jingjing's successor .

The excellent performance of sister Quan hongchan , Let everyone fight for her call.“ Diving Queen ” Gao Min was even more excited and wrote that , I saw my shadow in my sister , Tears flowed down in an instant , Lizzie, she's a genius , It's a gift from God .

Diving champions Wu Minxia and Chen Ruolin also wrote to praise their sister , Wu Minxia said she was so excited that she jumped up , Chen Ruolin called Quan hongchan her new idol .

Look forward to Quan hongchan's sister reappearing and breaking through Guo Jingjing “ Diving Queen ” What a legend .

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