Life recorder (191) -- autumn quiet language series

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The quiet language of autumn (1)

I haven't come to Yongtong avenue for a long time , Yongtong Avenue was opened to traffic a year ago , Now it's as busy as Puri Avenue . Let it be , The road is so wide , If the traffic flow is small , Then this road has no original meaning . however , I always thought , At the current rate of development , No matter how many roads are built in the city, they can't keep up with the increase of cars . Look at the cars parked on both sides of the road .

Walking on Yongtong Avenue , There are two depressions nearby that have not been fully developed . But it will happen sooner or later , Just like the farmers there , Don't worry , Expropriation will happen sooner or later , Otherwise , Isn't it in vain for the government to invest so much money in building wide roads here ?

However , Or there are these two depressions , Let me feel the cool night wind while walking on the road . Those winds , How much has washed away the dry heat of the day . How to put it? ? After all, it's autumn , Although the day is still very hot , However, the night is cooler . And the water, grass and trees in these two depressions , It makes this gust of wind cool and pleasant .

There are also insects on the road , The sound of insects tore the silence of the night , It caters to the sound of traffic on both sides . For me , I naturally like the sound in nature , For those moving iron shells , Although they bring convenience to people , But in this nature , In addition to the exhaust and noise , Does it bring any other benefits to nature ? No, !

Walk along Yongtong Avenue , Look at the depression along the way . There are also vegetables in the depression , But now it was completely quiet . Against the dim night and the lights in the opposite school , I can still see the pond in the depression . There is a little fireworks flashing by the pond , Needless to say , It's probably some fishing enthusiast who's fishing ! Say it , I've always been puzzled by people who are crazy about fishing , For example, they can watch fishing all night , For example, they can ignore the heat ( Now is ) Or cold winter , For example, in order to fish in a certain place, they can drive dozens or even hundreds of kilometers , They can stand insect bites , They can stand the burning of the sun , They can also endure the biting cold wind , But ask them to stop fishing , That not line .

Although I'm not a fishing lover , But for me , Just a little , That is to enjoy the natural scenery , Blending into this nature is my greatest satisfaction , It's also the biggest comfort I like . You can be under a tree , You can listen to the sound of running water , Or you can look at the calm water , Or listen to the wind , Look at the sky , Communicating with the voice of nature . Of course , For me , Fishing will certainly not be the theme , Maybe it can be said that the meaning of fishing is not fish , Care about the landscape .

After that , After that , It goes a little far . But not far , That section of Yongtong Avenue has been completed , I came to Wangyue Avenue again . Wangyue Avenue is full of buses , After the bus passed, there was a private car with no end in sight . And obviously , When I went in to Wangyue Avenue , After being blocked by cars on both sides , A sense of dryness and heat immediately came , Because there was not even a cool wind in the nearby depression .

When I got to the back door of Fuji, I was sweating , However , Because of the epidemic , I can't get in through the back door of fuki , Instead, we had to take a detour and follow the avenue in front of the school to the direction of the Fuji gate . Next to the school is lush, with a thick forest , However , The avenue in front of the school is also crowded with cars . When I get to the gate , When you go in through the side door , It also shows the health code , Just returned to the community .

When entering the community , I heard another big brother complaining to the security guard , Why is the control so strict now ? Changsha hasn't been added in recent days ? The security guard replied , It's not strict now , It may be stricter in the future , Now be strict , Only later can it be lax .

As I listened, I felt very reasonable , Yeah , It's not strict now , It may be stricter in the future .

come on. ! everyone !

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