Prose I a tree in winter

2021-08-09 18:08:15  作者:Life journey

How I don't like winter , Especially in northern winter . None of the trees in the village have leaves , The house is gray , People are black . Aries is also gray , Dry sweet potato leaves from the haystack , The leaves are also black . From a distance, a village is like a person trapped in the land who can't cry , What life is without a little green !

Once I was on a business trip for a week , From the motherland's Hainan Island all the way to Shanghai , And then to Shandong , Then to Henan . Visual impact brings the most obvious alternation of the four seasons , First, Hainan Island is like spring all the year round, and flowers bloom constantly , Then to Shanghai, order is in order , Both sides of the sidewalk in the woods , The lights at night are bright . But everything has changed in Shandong , There are mountains , It's getting shorter ; There are trees , Become thousands of mouths on the ground, whining and shouting in the wind ; Have the sea , The blue sea without shelter has more women's nagging grievances . Although it was early winter , Outside Luoyang, there are still large loess slopes and cold factories , The winter trees are tightening their necks , The dust is obviously arrogant , Floating in mid air .

The trees in people's eyes are invincible , Even if transplanted , Even if the roots and branches are cut off , Even without fertile land , Those trees can grow very energetic , As if nothing could defeat them . But in winter , The solemnity of the whole northern tree group , People are always a little lost . They shouldn't be like this .

What should they look like ? I never thought about it , Yeah , What should trees look like in winter ? Like summer, lush , Like southern flowers all over the branches , But that's a minority after all . I'm like a wayward child , Only interested in bright colors , But I never paid attention to a tree in winter .

It rained that day , I waited in line for the elevator on the ground floor of the company after dinner . The place waiting for the elevator is concave , Elevators on both sides , At the bottom of the concave is a wall . A narrow glass was embedded in the wall , The clear and transparent glass outlines an indomitable picture frame , Outside the picture frame are several trees . Usually people come and go here , The scenery outside the window, few people will stop here to watch .

In front of me was a tall boy looking down at his cell phone , I don't know him , He doesn't know me, either , At first he blocked my sight . Most people waiting in line for the elevator like to bury their heads in their mobile phones , No one looked away . I looked up at the outside , The rain has stopped . But a tree near the window made me secretly exclaim , Beautiful ! The straight trunk methodically stretched out slender branches , These branches are like open fish bones , Quietly arranged from thick to thin , Until the treetops . The big glass frame just penetrated half of the tree , Half the branches stood in the wind , At the top of each branch, there are several small branches , These small branches show a softer look , But the branches still maintain their original toughness . When you see those thick and thin branches , Although it's outside the glass , But you can be sure , The wind has no way to take them .

This half tree just stands outside the wall , The temperature outside is only two or three degrees , They don't have down coats or straw --- Who would freeze a Metasequoia tree . Keep the branches and the whole tree quiet and steady , It's like looking at us through the window and smiling , It's like standing there calmly , Watch people come and go and put all your thoughts in your stomach .

I was stunned when I looked at the tree . It's obviously not alone , Obviously not unconscious . Has it always been like this ? How come I never noticed the mood of a Metasequoia tree . Trees rarely live in groups like humans , Each tree grows alone , Only roots or branches and leaves can intersect . Like this tree, it is completely impossible to intersect with other trees . It's not alone at all , Instead, I enjoy the peace very much .

Quiet and orderly , Walking alone but not alone .

The picture lingered in my mind , The tree seems to have something to say , But it must not be expressed in words . I thought about it , A tree cannot be taken away , But this scene can take away , That's painting . They printed this picture in my mind , A tree in winter , It has no leaves like those trees that grow in northern winter , With black or gray skin . But it shows me to the world in this way of expression without language and noise : The trees in winter are not ugly .

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