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    2021 How does the sun rise and fall in the first half of the year , Every inch is called hard forward .

    1 The first mock exam in March , Officially opened the curtain of competition in Shanghai high school entrance examination .

    The first mock exam results. , Ranking of children's grades in the class 20, This is the lowest ranking in history . The exam lasts three days , The last day is only the morning exam , After the exam, school will be over at noon . The third day of the exam , The child went out earlier than me , When I went out, I found my usual backpack missing . My laptop is in my backpack , I can't work this day without a computer . Later, I found that the schoolbag the child was carrying was left at home , Because the two backpacks are the same color , Wrong memorization .

Taking the wrong bag gave me a bad feeling , I can't say why . She is never nervous about exams , Taking the wrong bag this time can only be indifference . So what about the first mock exam? . When the score comes out , My heart sank to the bottom of the water .

The first mock exam is the whole district examination. , Electronic monitoring . According to their school practice, there is no grade ranking , It will not rank in the whole region . But the test scores are there , What's more, their school belongs to nobody in the whole Shanghai city . Shanghai has 600 Many junior middle schools , Their school ranks first 100 name .

The importance of the first mock exam is not the difficulty of examination. , But that it is the beginning of the real open selection of students .

The first round , Master moves , Each channel inside and outside the school shows its magic power — Pre admission winning schools and selection of excellent students .

Just after the Spring Festival ,3 To the end of 4 Mid month , There are four big eight schools in Shanghai ranking first and second 12 A school , Several rising high schools have set out one after another , Lock a child with the first mock exam. . These first and second ranked high schools , The enrollment rate of one book is almost 100% . The top six high schools send more than ten figures of graduates to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan Jiaotong University every year . At the same time, there are four universities and eight schools Straight promotion test of Miao class . Miao class is a vivid saying , In fact, it refers to the junior middle school corresponding to them , After layers of selection, these junior middle schools have formed characteristic classes . For example, go to the foreign language class of the affiliated high school , The children have mastered two foreign languages in junior high school for four years . The selection rate of this straight up class examination is almost 100% .

This is not an open draft , This is a private contest between experts . On the one hand, these schools are selected through some after-school training institutions or cooperative junior middle schools . They are inextricably linked , Interested parents have long paid attention to this . On the other hand, it depends on the intentional parents to actively contact the intentional high school . Parents make good the first child's resume and the first mock exam. , Hand it over to the school gate in person .

One day at the end of April , The head teacher rushed into the class that was buried in doing the papers .“ Ge Zhiding ?” She asked a boy in her class who had always done well . The boy nodded . The whole class found that the plain boy around them had been set by the legendary first-class high school .

“ What school is Gezhi , Is it good ?” My daughter asked me , She has no idea of Hushang high school . I only know that in the future, everyone will be able to enter high school . In March, when talking about children's study, a fellow from Zhengzhou said that he had bought a house in Tianjin . I'm surprised , Put it well, Zhengzhou school can't go to school , Why take so much trouble to Tianjin . The original national college entrance examination , Tianjin has few students , High proportion of college entrance examination admission . Compared with Henan students with more than one million students , Tianjin is the fastest train to take the college entrance examination . The parent's children are still in primary school . The reason why Hu Shi, a scholar of the Republic of China, was able to go out of Jixi, Anhui Province , It is directly related to his mother's painstaking efforts to hire good teachers and send them to Shanghai for further study . I can't help but be awed by these farsighted parents in China , How far do you have to look and see .

From March , There are also some places where children take training courses “ Mysterious examination ”. The examination is a temporary notice and is strictly prohibited from being transmitted , Students from the training center came to take the exam , Students from several middle schools came here specially . The exam is held in the evening , All students who take the exam need to sign for confirmation . Finish a comprehensive test paper in two hours . A large number of questions , Strange topic , Such as modification “ Six arts ” What does it mean .

I didn't know until later that these special tests were the selection tests of XX high school and XX high school . Of course, our perspective of learning knowledge is limited , Just participated in the accompanying examination .

meanwhile , Our training institutions also provide some high school recommendation information . According to the children's daily performance in the training center , They recommended two schools . Within a month, children with excellent grades have received telephone notices one after another , Go to the interview and written examination . We sink into the sea .

The second round Enrollment of minority specialty students . A chance to open a small window near a good school

In April, the children attend the school for the parents' meeting of the graduating class , The parents' meeting was attended by the child's father . He asked me if I had a specialty , Do you want to join . The first mock exam is not satisfactory. , It's impossible to get into a good high school . Specialty students are the qualifications and places that can be enjoyed by the top schools in the district . Each school has a limited number of places , These places can be selected for art or sports for junior middle school students in the city . Specialty students need to have professional skills , To put it bluntly, I have a grade examination certificate in art or sports or participated in important activities and competitions . Once admitted , Points can be reduced 5-10 Score admission . Specialty students will enter the specialty class after entering the school , No shift change , And must represent the school to participate in performance activities . I need to adjust my strategy and mentality quickly . Fortunately, these schools are also first-class schools , So I don't care whether I'm a special student or not , As long as you can enter such a school , the fleabane growing in the field of hemp becomes straight itself without support , Straight without holding .

Parents need to go to the special school in person to submit application materials . On the one hand, the junior high school education office needs to seal to confirm that the submitted materials and results are true , On the other hand, special schools have their own special requirements . The morning we were in junior high school and asked to submit our application 11 Seal before . Special schools are required to submit materials at the school gate on a specified afternoon . The requirements of each special recruitment school are also different , For example, some schools will see if you have submitted your resume to the doorman before .

Due to the conflict between the physical examination time of the middle school entrance examination and the time of our specialty students , I was anxious with another parent who reported to the same school . Fortunately, one week before the exam, the Municipal Education Commission temporarily notified the rescheduling , We were able to take the exam . The three hour examination time involves the examination of special skills and cultural knowledge . For this exam, I also specially asked the vocal music teacher for guidance before the exam . Vocal teachers are also awesome. , Although he has a full schedule , But just give us overtime .

Waiting outside the school , Several of our parents were waiting and chatting about the special longevity test , One parent said that we may all accompany the exam . Special students are not really special students , It is actually an opportunity for people with special places to enter the school .

Sure enough, she was right , We didn't receive a pre recording notice after several events , The first mock exam was excellent except for the poor performance of our family. .

The third round The second mock exam , Shed more light — Push for the best , Self recruitment opportunity double-edged sword

End of the second mock exam in late April , Compared with the first mock exam , The difficulty of the second mock exam has dropped slightly. , The child's test ranking rose to the class 15 name .

The model test is the regional test , Shuffle again to give more candidates a chance , First class high schools will take advantage of this to catch some excellent students . In this round, more high schools will join the screening of seed players .

The second mock exam results are released. , Trigger a series of actions . The first is the excellent list . Each school publishes the list of selected students according to the results of two model tests and the daily results of recent three years . The school will recommend the students to his favorite high school . Schools with the qualification of recommending excellent students and recommending themselves must be municipal key high schools .

secondly , In parallel with the promotion of excellence, students recommend themselves . Fill in personal information and self recommendation letters online , Recommend yourself to your favorite school , Of course, this recommendation is based on the high degree of fit between the scores and abilities of both parties .

Some students who recommended themselves and recommended themselves soon received information , They are required to attend the interview and written examination of the school . If someone receives an invitation from two schools at the same time , You can only choose one , Because the exam is held on the same day . After verifying the student's grades , These schools will notify the selected students to sign an agreement with them . Different from the top students who are pre admitted , Students who sign up are not really admitted , They need to take the next high school entrance examination , Only when the score passes the filing line can you really be admitted . Everything has its advantages and disadvantages , Even if the high school entrance examination scores are very high , Still need to go to the signing school according to the contract .

I wish my child could repent and seize this opportunity . Their school doesn't rank high in the district , Our district ranks mediocre in junior middle schools in the whole city , Apart from a cattle school, the others are far apart . But the second mock exam is not true. , Our level is here now . My family began to persuade me to face reality , Don't think too high . As a college entrance examination student coming out of Henan , I deeply understand the importance of a good school and a good platform . There is little difference between children , But with the guidance of a good school , The child is not good or too bad . The opportunity is there , I'm not willing to miss it like this .

We had several conversations with the children during this period , It was through these calm conversations that we realized the reason why the child didn't touch : It turns out that not everyone can go to high school , It turns out that half of the people need to be diverted to vocational and technical schools . It turns out that those first-class high schools have already selected their own students through the direct promotion examination or early admission . There was still a fluke in her heart , I didn't do well in the exam this time , Anyway, I'll go up next time with a little effort . With the gradual understanding of high schools in the region and the whole city , She also gradually understood her position , And worked with us to formulate three levels of target schools .

Through this dialogue, I realized , Neither we as parents nor the children who are immersed in learning lack an understanding of the overall situation . Every entrance examination is like a battle , To win in this battle , We need to know ourselves and the enemy well in advance . Parents are responsible for guiding their children to read , In particular, parents need to look at the overall situation , Give effective guidance to children . Expand your horizons during winter and summer vacation , Only by recognizing that higher mountains are better roads , Children can really be touched , Who doesn't want to go better .

If we can realize these points in the first or second day of junior high school , It wouldn't be like this . Children in junior high school have their own world outlook , You can no longer communicate with rude commands , More need to talk like friends , Imperceptibly Guide . I can't blame the children for not working hard , As parents, we don't have long-term guidance , Of course, we need to exchange ideas with children more often .

May , The light of May ignites the heat of summer . Scorched and luxuriant growth in May .

The burning of May is not lit by the increasingly strong sunlight every morning , It's the news from my friends . One day in May, I got a call , A young partner who grew up with her children was pre admitted to Shanghai No. 2 Gaojian school . Their family soon moved their family to Pudong . Then her other faxiao was pre admitted to the No. 1 high school in Yangpu District . It was also in May , A child in the high school attached to shangwai passed the straight promotion examination without suspense , And start learning in high school .

Children standing on the same line , On the way forward, some people rushed to the front , Some followed , And we are far behind , How can this not make people anxious . Without comparison, there is no gap . I forced myself to send blessings , On the other hand, we have to face the cruel reality : Self recommendation failed .

In late April, the child received two test notices for self recommended students , She chose to go to her favorite school , But her score is not strong enough . It was windy and rainy that morning , Wearing a formal school uniform with a skirt, she disappeared into the examination crowd . Three people go together , Only she lost the election .

May and June are silent . After a series of failures and failures , I no longer fantasize about a first-class high school . After going through several high school exams , See more good schools , At the same time, be aware of the gap between yourself and others . She also wants to seize the last chance , Put it together .

High school entrance examination day ,6 month 19-21 Japan . Senior high school entrance examination , Last audition and screening .

The high school entrance examination actually began on the second day of junior high school . The educational concept of Shanghai is comprehensive quality education , In addition to the history of physical chemistry , And sports , Interdisciplinary analysis , Morality and the rule of law . Among them, history is completed in the second day of junior high school . My child , I want to be perfect , Write the answer on the draft first , Then transcribe it on the test paper . The last big question 6 branch , There's no time to transcribe it ! this 6 It brought her indelible pain and regret . English has a special man-machine oral dialogue and listening test , There is a special test for experimental operation in physical chemistry , The five sports tests include photography and computer test records . Shanghai high school entrance examination subjects are such a combination of theory and practice , Test ability , physical strength , endurance .

The high school entrance examination is a vigorous examination , Are there really parents in cheongsam , There are really parents with full video . Some schools in their hometown even hold a pre exam oath meeting .

The middle school entrance examination is over , We hurried to travel with her for a week , Chongqing's 8D Magic , Chengdu is very enthusiastic , Quietly moisten the small body under the heavy schoolbag for four years . Every morning for four years 6:40 Out of the door , Do your homework at night 11 spot , The schoolbag has two rotten backs . No matter what the future is , And face life with a smile .

7 month 19 Japan , One month after the high school entrance examination , The city's high school entrance examination results were released . The high school entrance examination is no longer a separate examination for each district , The high school entrance examination is the most important part of the city 16 District unified examination and unified marking . Although their school doesn't rank first in Shanghai 150 Junior high school , But the child's class is the top class , Yes 9 More than students 700 branch ( complete separation of pinyin syllables 750 branch ).

This is the last batch of zero volunteer candidates in Shanghai , This admission method will be cancelled thereafter . Zero volunteering Cross regional enrollment , The enrollment schools are first-class and more than a dozen high-quality high schools , They are allocated to the whole city 16 Number of places in different districts . When candidates fill in their wishes , There is only one zero volunteer . High school students are selected according to the number of applicants from high to low .

Initial rise penultimate round , Zero voluntary admission line and self enrollment .

7 month 23-25 Students admitted in advance , Recommended student , International course enrollment . The first batch of high-quality students officially landed .

meanwhile , The next two days , Vocational and technical school enrollment . Diversion of low score students , Embark on a new life journey .

The rest are the majority of middle school entrance examination candidates .2021 How many students did you take the middle school entrance examination in 8 More than 10000 candidates , After the diversion, about half of the candidates can enter high school . involve 600 Many junior middle schools , face 248 Senior high school , It was destined to be a cruel race .

7 month 27 Japan , The city's zero volunteer score line was announced . This is the moment for the selection of cross district high-quality students . The second batch of high-quality students landed .

Comedy and tragicomedy 7 At the end of the month, the zero volunteer score was announced and staged at the same time . Some students have very high test scores , But because the contract was signed first , Can only painfully miss the first-class high school . The child of a friend who lives in Songjiang calls for help because he is satisfied , Although the score is lower than the admission line of the school , Still accepted safely because of an appointment . The difference between the high school scores of the first gear and the high school scores of the second gear is only a few points .

The girls who participated in the specialty examination with us before , With excellent results in the middle school entrance examination , Successfully enter the ideal zero volunteer , That's the top three high school in the first class . She became the best student in her class and their school .

We and zero volunteer school 0.5 The difference was missed , You can only wait for the results of parallel voluntary admission . The announcement of the zero volunteer score made the children cry . She said she didn't expect history on the second day of junior high school 6 Point error , Let her miss several better high schools . There is no regret medicine in the world , But how many regrets does it take to make up for a mistake ? We don't know where we're going , Maybe we'll lose the opportunity of the city's key high school , Key high schools in Chengdu .

Half difference , a world of difference . Hearing the news, the child's head teacher and several teachers felt sorry for her . The difference of half points indicates that students have the ability but have bad luck . When I think of my former friends entering famous schools, but I face fame and decline , Only half the difference , The child held me and cried for a while .

It seems that there are gods paying attention , The night before the announcement of zero volunteer score, I had a dream . Dream that the child didn't record it , I was unconvinced and ran to the school to question . Wake up and dare not break this dream , But the dream seems to have hinted at the end to me . This seems to be another hint that science cannot explain .

The whole family fell silent , When the child calmed down, we comforted her , As long as there is high school reading , It is unknown to grind a sword in three years . Do a good job in the possibility of studying in the worst District key high school . That's it , We try to get back to our daily state . I didn't know the taste of the food for the two days when the child missed the zero volunteer , Isn't the whole family the same .

Fill in the form of parallel application 15 High school in the district , No longer involve outer district high schools .

8 month 1 Japan , On the fifth day after the announcement of the zero volunteer score line, finally came the parallel volunteer score line . Parallel voluntary admission is after most high-quality students have landed , After the diversion of vocational secondary school students . Parallel voluntary no more cross regional admission candidates , Only candidates in this area are accepted by marking .

Because of successive failures and setbacks , I don't have the courage to look at my cell phone again . It won't turn out any better anyway , It's not the same to watch early and watch late . That day, the child and his classmates made an appointment to go out to play , I went out early in the morning , We were bored and drove to the suburbs .

“ You seem to have been XX The school accepted !” A familiar classmate threw me a bomb . How is that possible? ! Zero volunteers have missed. Where do we dare to think of this high school we once expected . I think I was wrong . This school is the invitation that the child gave up another self enrollment high school , A school that insists on taking their self recruitment examination . This school is the one trembling with wind and rain . This school is also the only one she has ever failed to sign . Everything is like a tragedy and comedy deliberately set by God , We knew the beginning, but we didn't guess the result .

Look at the child's wechat , A lot of words are waiting there , Said it seemed to have crossed the minimum filing line of that school . Not only that, there are also requirements for the scores of the three subjects in addition to the minimum language number of the filing line , Specific score requirements are also listed for Chinese and mathematics scores . How can I not remember my child's grades ! Those scores are engraved in our minds . That's her score , Total score , Main course points , Chinese is divided into , Mathematics score . The score line in that school seems to show the world her test scores .

We did ! I took off my glasses , Sit in your seat , The man at home who has parked his car is getting ready to get off .

“ children , children .…” I couldn't help crying .

“ Children are XX The school accepted !”

A few minutes , It became extremely long , They didn't speak . These days we hold each other and comfort each other. We don't talk and sit in the dark corridor , This moment was blinded by the sudden light . People who thought they were trapped in darkness and had no hope , At this time, I don't know how to express my joy in the face of a sudden bright road in front of me . I want to kiss the asphalt road .

meanwhile , More exciting news came . Another child in the class also pressed the line to enter the ideal school , The total score of the admission line and the main course score are also his transcript scores . Middle and front of class 20 All of them entered the municipal key high schools , Including two pre recorded top students , A top student with zero volunteers . It is worth mentioning the reversal of a poor student , From the original hopeless high school, he was finally admitted to a district key high school . The whole third grade student turned around hip-hop , Remedial class , Catch a teacher , Become the talk of the students after dinner . But it's worth it .

The high school entrance examination is over , This year's examinees experienced the subject reform of the middle school entrance examination for the first time - Increase physical examination , Add physicochemical operation test . Next year's Shanghai high school entrance examination will be reformed again , It must be complicated . After this high school entrance examination, I have more firm faith , Reform anyway , Achievement and strength are the king . For children who really do well , There are many roads to quality schools . In this seemingly complex selection process , Good schools always spare no effort to find seed players through various ways . But do candidates and parents really know the whole picture and their position and direction .

After such a high school entrance examination , The children are closer to us , We have started the research and preparation for the college entrance examination three years later . let bygones be bygones , Future period , Cherish every day now .

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