It's messy when you cut it

2021-08-09 17:30:42  作者:Life journey

Eason Chan 《 The red rose 》 A song says : Not get forever in the commotion , Those who are preferred have no fear .

Young people don't understand , Just like . Now we find that , Preferred , You put the knife in his hand , Give him the right to hurt you .

When you toss and turn in the dark , Wake up repeatedly in the early morning , When I wake up early at four or five , When twirling one hair carefully , When crying red eyes , Nobody knows .

Before you adjust your mood , Make a phone call , Corners of the mouth rising , Try to smile , When you say naughty things , Have you ever asked yourself , Why be so humble , Give your joys and sorrows to others ?

You are too cowardly , can't let go , And dare not pursue bravely , Love is too full , Doomed to this love game , You lost , It was you who got hurt , The pain is you .

You need to let go of the problems you hold in your heart , Negative emotions need to be digested by yourself , You see , Cut the feelings of incessant management and chaos , Why do you insist on ? You are too greedy , Greedy for this moment of warmth . therefore , So it is , You have to bear the pressure of a kilogram , No matter how tired you are , Even if you vomit blood for this, you have to bear , This is your choice .

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