Trip to Kyushu - Landscape chapter "fairyland on earth, magical Jiuzhai"

2021-08-09 17:19:21  作者:Photography

        Jiuzhaigou scenic area has reopened , It's a false alarm , I almost thought I would never see this magical beauty again ! The colorful colors in the fairy tale world are still , The beautiful spark sea has been repaired again , The colorful sea of five flowers is still dazzling , But the water volume of NuoRiLang falls has become smaller , But there is a new scenic spot , Shuanglonghai waterfall , I have to feel the magic and greatness of nature , Jiuzhaigou is the product of geological changes for hundreds of millions of years , Today, we continue to experience various changes , Nature's repair ability is really invincible and superior , Maybe in a few years , Jiuzhaigou will become more beautiful !

        Very fortunate , As early as 2011 In the year , We took advantage of the May Day holiday , And more than ten colleagues and friends from her husband's unit , Meet from Xi'an to Chengdu , From Leshan to Emei , From Huanglong to Jiuzhai , From Jinli to Kuanzhai alley , Enjoy the mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery of Sichuan , I've had enough of Chengdu snacks and hot pot . As the saying goes “ The five mountains return without looking at the mountains , Jiuzhai return without looking at the water ”,“ water ” Is the soul of Jiuzhaigou , And Haizi in Jiuzhaigou ( lakes ) It is also very characteristic . The lake in Jiuzhaigou is crystal clear , The water reflects the emerald peaks , It keeps bright blue all the year round , And according to the changes of light and seasons , The colors and rhymes in the lake are also very different , With this fantastic water feature , Known as “ Fairy tale world ”“ Fairyland of the world ”, And known as “ King of waterscape ”. The water in Jiuzhai is colorful , Unlimited form , The waterfall 、 River Beach 、 lakes , Big and small 、 Deep and shallow , Like a colorful jade pool, it landed on the earth .

        Jiuzhaigou is mainly divided into three gullies : Shuzheng ditch , Rizegou , Then slag depression ditch , a “Y” The font ,108 The size of the sea is scattered in these three ditches , Shining like pearls , Gorgeous and colorful . We take the tour bus to the farthest and highest place , Visit one by one from top to bottom , There are snow mountains in the distance , There are cedars around , There is a reflection in the lake , Change the scene , Different Haizi have their own characteristics , I was surprised everywhere I went , This view should only exist in the sky , Scattered in the world is a miracle ! The local guide told us , The most beautiful season in Jiuzhaigou is autumn , From a distance, Jiuzhaigou is a palette , Spread all kinds of colors on it , Draw the most beautiful picture . And we went on May Day , This season is actually a dry season , But this does not affect the beauty of Jiuzhai , It doesn't affect our mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery . Jiuzhai is still very beautiful in our eyes 、 Gorgeous 、 charming , We were intoxicated and amazed , Walking by these seas , Like in a fairy tale world , Dreamy and amazing , If suddenly met !

        The name of Jiuzhaigou comes from nine Tibetan villages in the scenic spot , These nine strongholds are also called “ What medicine Jiuzhai ”, Because there are nine stockaded Tibetans living here for generations , So it's called “ jiuzhaigou ”, Such a beautiful stockade , Now the makeup is successful , It's also very worth indulging and intoxicating again .

        2017 year 8 month 8 I was stunned by the Jiuzhaigou earthquake on the th , I went out with my son that day , Return to the door of the community in the evening , I found a lot of people gathered there , When I asked, I knew that the earthquake had happened , Jiuzhaigou epicenter , Xi'an shook slightly , High rise residents will be a little more obvious , We might be on the bus , So I didn't feel . I'll call my best friend right away , Because their family just went to Jiuzhai these days , I had dinner in Xi'an two days ago , Ask me if I can go , I hesitated for a long time and finally decided not to go . At first, the phone couldn't get through , My heart is burning , After a while , Finally got through , I learned that they had left Jiuzhai the day before , It's very dangerous , We talked afterwards , Luckily I didn't go , They just didn't see the show , So I left a day earlier , If I go , I like to see those things , Maybe I'll stay and see , I'm not sure it's really stuck inside , I have a lingering fear when I think about it .

        I've always been slow ,08 When Wenchuan earthquake happened in , I'm in Suide, my hometown , Come back from shopping with my mother , Poured a glass of water on the tea table , Every few minutes, I found that the glass of the tea table was full of water , I still wonder , Why, my hand shook and touched the water ? Mingming has been sitting on the sofa , I didn't touch the cup ! And I feel a little dizzy , I saw the water cup shaking around , Mom said she might be tired and lie down on the sofa to have a rest . Turn on the TV and find that the TV has no signal , That's strange , My sister called to say that there was an earthquake , The earthquake in Xi'an was obviously felt , Ask how your hometown is , That's how I react , It was an earthquake just now , Luckily nothing happened , Or you won't have time to run . Then the TV signal came , The overwhelming news of the earthquake came , Pieces of ruins , Bursts of grief , Those days , Everyone's heart is affected by the disaster of the people in Sichuan , Make a donation , Volunteer disaster relief , The people of the whole country join hands , Tide over the difficulties with the people of Sichuan !

        I always think my photography level can't better explain the beauty of Jiuzhai , So I borrowed the online beauty map to show you the beauty of Jiuzhaigou , The magic of Jiuzhaigou , The beauty of Jiuzhaigou , The dream of Jiuzhaigou !