The twelfth autumn of rongpiao

2021-08-09 16:50:13  作者:Life journey

Before you know it , It's the twelfth year since I came to Chengdu .

Let's talk about Chengdu .

Chengdu , It's a city with temperature . In the cities that I've been through , It's not the most enthusiastic , But it is the most inclusive . Like an elegant wise man , I won't refuse you to come , Don't see you as an enemy .

Chengdu , It's a vibrant city . In the past ten years , Chengdu has gradually become the development center of Southwest China . Emerging technologies 、 Electronic business platform 、 The development of cultural tourism and other industries , Make Chengdu more competitive .

Chengdu , It's a city with flavor . When it comes to Chengdu , I have to say delicious food . Hot pot 、 snack , The fragrance is everywhere , It's a delicious taste across the screen .

Chengdu , Sure enough, it's a city that you don't want to go when you come . But every special day , I still miss the climate when I was a child , Childhood habits , The taste of childhood .

In the north , Eat dumplings on special days . Eat dumplings , It is the highest courtesy of northern life . Chinese New Year dumplings , Eat dumplings on the first day of the new year , Fifteen eat dumplings , Come and eat dumplings , Happy to eat dumplings . Sometimes even doubt , In difficult times, dumplings saved the North , Today's Dumpling plot .

see , It's autumn , Eat dumplings .

This article was originally intended to be distributed on the day of the beginning of autumn , As a result, interest came that day , I fell in love with Jiang Xiaobai , With emotion, he wrote Jiang Xiaobai . After all , Great feelings .

Tell the truth , Jiangxiaobai is really not good to drink . however , Great feelings .

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