July speech

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July book

You know all the objects are marked with a deadline. The fresher they are, the easier they will deteriorate. Cicadas also make an appointment with some old trees from July. If they fall to the ground without fruit, they don't mention leaving

It uses a husky tone to sell the folds of lotus leaves conquered by skirts in summer. Frogs chirp, extinguish the glimmering long hair of fireflies, cut short the Expired Agreement, and try to untie the knot pulled up in spring

Crape myrtle hung raindrops as if she had just finished crying. It's not because the moonlight was cancelled in the short night. It must be that she suddenly remembered that the lost butterfly had broken its wings and couldn't fly back to the last July

Who slipped off the collection of poems? An air dried butterfly fell out


Let's talk about Wisteria , Chinese flowering crabapple , Pansy only doesn't mention cornflower, deliberately avoiding “ meet ” The word does not deny that melancholy blue plundered the moonlight because it was awake

Handwritten anniversary folds are like waste paper. Cornflowers lose water due to silence and are replaced by a bunch of Gesang flowers. Dry June does not need an umbrella to cover another beginning

A green lamp shook the flame and mentioned an author and her short sentence. If there was a blues background, would the cornflower come out of the oil painting and open again? That autumn afternoon was full of reserved laughter


Open a window and the wind you want comes in. It holds a letter from the foot of another mountain

If June is silent 35° I'll send you a rain with a few words, such as , Are your cherries ripe? Don't be distracted at the crowded intersection. Don't lock yourself out of the window and miss a right cloud


When frogs give up nocturnes, dancers in the dark shake off sadness, give up wings and light, make up a rain, let tears drown and cry

Then make up a person who is sheltering from the rain under the eaves, stand in a silent noun, walk out of the old album and forget to bring an umbrella and return address

Some flowers , It's possible to leave at any time

For example, Sophora japonica is a daydream of a tree. Close your eyes and catch a string of pure white moments, mistakenly thinking that clouds replace the starry sky, or Xiao Nanfeng pulls up a bow for the broken flower skirt and rushes to the next intersection

Old books often carry little daisies that lose water. It is clear that the ambiguity between the lines forces the ink to fade and hand over to a large blank

When did the reader leave the scene

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