May Chronicle

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Sort out the sentences in May , By the way, look back on the income .

The flame of May

Pull up the wings of a wisp of evening iris and it will catch fire. You must have seen the flickering purple of fireworks. After cooling, find a shoulder to cry on the grass leaves

The early blooming locust flower held up a white umbrella on a rainy night and tried to find a roof for a sleepwalker. He was so awake that he opened his eyes when dreaming

Beyond the mountain

The peach blossom dock is in a valley less than a mile away. The green peach has not faded. The cherry is red in the morning and evening. Lao Cheng comes from a hermit who chants scriptures and goes down the mountain to get water from the hanging temple

The waterfall is sometimes blocked by the mountain wind, and takes the way through the cliffs and cliffs, which used to be the destination of pine and snow. Wild pheasants and squirrels often haunt the persimmon forest to discuss the destination of a falling fruit

The cloud belongs to passers-by who can't stay. Several rains have blocked the firewood chopper on the way. There must be another path to bypass the fog and thorns to reach the other side of the mountain. People who haven't been out of the mountain all their life and people who haven't been in the mountain all their life call it far away

Roasted sweet potatoes

How can it give up enthusiasm and sincerity without high temperature? It opens its tongue with love words and burns its lips and teeth recklessly, which is very much like love

If you are patient enough to wake up your reason with vigilance, can you stay where you are and hold this joy after cooling down , Instead of stripping away the truth, the scorched past hides in a bitter mouth, chews and swallows all kinds of words about sweetness

520, No flowers

Honey, the Azadirachta Azadirachta bloom again. It's different from that year. This time it's bitterer and sweeter. The wind in May doesn't blow any news about you. On the back of the mountain, you're not playing the piano or picking up broken sentences

You must have accidentally broken the blue and white porcelain I wrote and threw away the bunch of forget me not

The wind in May

It should be forgiven that some flowers wither prematurely this may, and the wind can not be entirely blamed 25° It's best to talk about green fruits in the afternoon. Xiaotao's experience in the world is too shallow. He always thinks that the broken flower skirt disperses the macro sky stars. It's a casual flower

If you prepare a straw basket, you can't escape the cuff. If you put a collection of poems on the smoke blue desk, will more butterflies grow in the basin of Pansy

“ Are you OK ” Such a question is more like a cherry. It changes its flavor when it leaves the tree without response. There are three or two sparrows in the rose bush with empty words trying to save the unverified news. Wind misunderstands rain. It's common to clarify a vague dream. It's better to delete the night


People who regard green peaches as apricots will also regard Yingchun as forsythia, just like “ love you ” treat as “ Always love you ”

It is also dangerous to use mirrors to verify the authenticity of a face. So many mirrors in the world have wronged the loyalty of a face. Over trust in mirrors is like some rumors that they are getting farther and farther away from the truth


If the river loses the meaning of the ship bank, it is a wall. Still water defeats the incitement of the wind with reason and will not break through the bottom line

Therefore, this bank and the other bank become two parallel lines, love but can't say

Some ships are destined not to reach the shore. Gulls accustomed to the sound of OARS will not listen to the rumors about the river. When it comes to the possibility of the third shore, the stranded wharf and the extinguished fishing fire remain silent. Perhaps the river has no shore, which is just the wishful thinking of the ship

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