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Mentioned Studio Ghibli , I'm sure I'll think of Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animation master .《 Spirited away 》 and 《 Totoro 》 Two full-length anime works , Hayao Miyazaki has long been famous all over the world , Out of curiosity, I watched this 《 Ghibli documentary 》.


Kibli is the name Hayao Miyazaki casually chose from a plane , The establishment of this studio is inseparable from two other people, Takahata and Suzuki Minfu , Takahata's existence is covered by Hayao Miyazaki's brilliance , His own works are also considered by the public to be Hayao Miyazaki's , such as 《 Tomb of firefly 》. Takahata is also a talented animation director , Even Hao literally said that he discovered Hayao Miyazaki , They first met in Dongying animation , Later, we set up a studio together , Decades of Partnership , competitors , Are reflected in one animation .

This studio documentary roughly records the production process of an animated film , The main content is Hayao Miyazaki's daily life , The old man with gray hair , Maintain a high enthusiasm for animation , Still work late into the night every day , Treat your own animation seriously and responsibly , Live with discipline ,《 It's windy 》 It's Hayao Miyazaki's work of closing the mountain , Because after the movie , He issued a retirement statement , Of course, the subsequent recovery is also the later story .



It was Ghibli who was making this documentary 《 It's windy 》 and 《 The story of a beautiful night 》, At the early Suzuki press conference , These two films will be in 2013 It was released simultaneously in the summer of , However, from the attitude of the staff in the documentary , It turns out that Takahata is a patient with procrastination , Therefore 《 The story of a beautiful night 》 Fail to finish as scheduled , Nor is it the same 《 It's windy 》 Compete in one schedule , At the box office 《 It's windy 》 It's higher than 《 Hui Yeji 》 Of , But from the story , I prefer 《 Hui Yeji 》, Interested friends can find both works to have a look .

Make 《 It's windy 》 The process is not easy , We can see Hayao Miyazaki's dedication to the plane from the documentary , That's why there are a lot of aircraft elements in this animation , Even Erlang likes the label of plane , Also from Hayao Miyazaki , In addition, Hayao Miyazaki's father also supported his family by selling aircraft parts during the war , These childhood experiences have always influenced Hayao Miyazaki , Also reflected in the work . From the documentary, we can see that Hayao Miyazaki carefully modifies every line , Painting boundary , Discuss with the staff , When choosing dubbing actors , When I'm a little depressed because I don't hear the right voice , A colleague jokingly said that Xiuming Amano , This is not a professional voice actor , But an animator , When everyone laughed , Instead, Hayao Miyazaki seriously considered the proposal , Finally, Hideki Ono was indeed enabled , It's also a bold act , But for the movie effect you want , You can really try anything .

The audition's Hideki Ono

The picture of the whole documentary is very warm , The Ghibli studio presented also has love , Employees can offer to leave ( It is different from the lifelong employment system in Japanese society ), And do it at the specified time “ Break exercises ” Relax your shoulders and neck , And a cat patrolling the office . But we all know that animation is also a pillar industry in Japan , Many employees in big animation factories died suddenly , Death from overwork also happens from time to time , Not to mention the routine of working overtime .

do “ Broadcast gymnastics ”


Hayao Miyazaki's animation world brings us more than visual enjoyment , Those about war , love , Dream , magic , Environmental protection , affection , The exploration of the world is in it , Even Hayao Miyazaki automatically added... To the work buff, Along with Ghibli, it has also developed into a symbol of Japanese animation .2013 When making a documentary in , Old Gong has 72 了 , Still healthy , I also hope grandpa can take good care of himself .

I really envy such a dreamer , For the dream , Live up to your love .

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