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2021-08-09 16:15:59  作者:Photography

      The Tokyo Olympic Games came to an end last night , In the minutes long video review , There are also Chinese athletes , I just feel that there are a few shots , Not enough positive images , Failed to reproduce the classic image of China in this Olympic Games . Fortunately, during the whole Olympic period , An amazing moment with the participation of Chinese athletes , It has long been deeply left in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese audiences . The Chinese are no longer humble , The Chinese no longer care about winning or losing , The Chinese have full confidence in looking at the world head-on .

      Thunderstorm weather warning issued by Chengdu in recent days , From yellow to blue . Less than... In Qu county, Dazhou 24 The hourly rainfall reaches 501.8 mm 、 The hourly rainfall reaches 133.9 Mm of special weather , Concentrated in East Sichuan 、 North Sichuan 、 West Chongqing and other places . The loss caused by reading the disaster report is not small , After the heavy rain swept the house 、 The farmland is in a mess , Fortunately, no casualties have been reported . The world comes from natural disasters 、 The virus is endless , The law of the jungle from human beings has no end , Only during the Tokyo Olympic Games , With “ The delta ” The new round of virus represented by the has made a comeback again , Sweep inoculated 、 Vaccination in progress 、 Or countries that are not vaccinated . The European and American countries that suffered heavily in the last round , We are complacent about the large-scale vaccination. Everything is fine , Unexpectedly, the number of people infected with the virus every day is as small as thousands 、 More than tens of thousands ; Even several Southeast Asian countries known as top students in the last round of anti epidemic , The closure of the city and the country this time is also in a dilemma ; When a new epidemic strikes , There are also weak links in China waiting for battle , Nanjing Airport 、 Zhangjiajie Xiangxi charm theater 、 Yangzhou mahjong room 、 Zhengzhou Sixth People's hospital 、 Yunnan Ruili border , All become the pervasive attack of the virus . The speed of its propagation , The power of lethality , A serious threat to social security , Beyond cognition is amazing . Fortunately, China has a complete set of scientific epidemic prevention ideas 、 The system , Have the super mobilization ability of the party and the government , Have the ability to execute faithfully with one heart , Always keep calm in the face of danger 、 Change danger into safety , hold “ Thunder means ” and “ Bodhisattva heart ”, Applied to the extreme .

      This afternoon, the high temperature in Chengdu soared up 34 degree , The outdoor sky is as blue as washing 、 The sun is burning high , There is a cool wind floating in the shade . Turn on the air conditioner at home , The temperature is adjusted at 25、26 degree , Cover a bowl and make a cup of Longjing spring tea , The water temperature is 85—90 Flow between degrees , Refreshing 、 Leave a sweet tooth 、 Infiltrate the heart .

( This article is illustrated by 8 Granddaughter over years old provides )