I Really Love You

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the other day , I go to a student party , I met a student who used to like to disagree with me . At the party , He teased me again , I was just getting angry , Who knows, his next move moved me to tears .

A few years ago , To make it easier for me to go to work , Apply for transfer to a nine-year consistent school close to home . After going , The school put the famous poor class eight in the whole school at that time (3) The class was assigned to me , He also asked me to be the head teacher .

Say this class is bad , It's not for no reason , This class not only has the examination results of all subjects, but also ranks among the bottom three in the city , Moreover, the performance in sports activities is also very poor . They take part in school morning exercises , Radio gymnastics is a mess , You can't run in formation , One by one , Go your own way , Completely scattered . The headmaster stood by , They won't converge much , Even the headmaster shook his head and sighed .

The former head teacher introduced me that there were “ Four Heavenly Kings ”, The leader is Xiao Li .

One day before practice , I did some ideological work for them first . I think it should be better this time , As a result, they are still as usual .

After early practice , I kept them , Tell them seriously :“ If you can't run well again , I don't mind turning my class into a running class .”

See I'm going to be serious , Some students began to feel a little guilty . After all , The head teacher is still a little dignified .

therefore , The first lap is a little better . Because it's hot , I gave them a break , I also want to take the opportunity to encourage everyone . After I praised them , I hope we can see their greater progress in the second lap .

At this time , Xiao Li shouted at me :“ teacher , This is corporal punishment ! I want to complain about you !” Then his brothers agreed with him , Give him strength .

As soon as the students listen , Know that the good play is about to begin , Waiting to see a joke .

I don't think I can be frightened by him , Otherwise they will be more unscrupulous in the future , Never mind, no one will listen .

So I said out loud :“ Good! ! You complain ! You'd better complain about my head teacher , So I can relax ! I have to thank you ! The headmaster's office is over there , Go to the ! Go to the !” Said , I pointed in the direction of the principal's office .

People didn't expect me to react like this , I was stunned , being at a loss what to do . He was also a little surprised , But for a moment there was a pause . But he was unwilling to lose the battle , Soon say :“ I'm not going to the headmaster , I'm going to the Education Bureau to complain about you !”

“ That's all right. ! Come on , Here's your cell phone , You call now to complain !” Said , I took out my cell phone and handed it to him . Of course he won't answer , I want to find myself a step :“ I don't know the number , I'll complain when I find the number !”

“ I have ! What I keep in my cell phone is . Come on, come on , Here you are. ! Fight , Hurry up !” I'll just call him a number , I'm sure he's afraid to call .

He raised his hand and touched his head , I don't know what to do .

I didn't talk to him anymore . His brothers have lost their momentum , Lost one by one . Next , I said something to you sincerely , The students all lowered their heads in shame , It's obviously more serious when running again .

After the battle , The pricks were calm for a few days . But , In a few days , They are upset again .

In the Chinese class that day , I asked the students to find out some words describing actions in the text . One of the words is “ pull ”, Just someone read ba, Others read bo.

I put “ pull ” and “ allocate ” These two characters are written on the blackboard , I asked a student who read ba. The student made a mistake , I point to “ pull ” Tell them this is ba, Also write out the Pinyin of the two words , Then they formed two words for them to remember .

I asked them to copy it in the book . The word I wrote on the blackboard is “ stop yearning ”, Some students said while copying “ Pluck radish ” Is this “ pull ”, I nodded in agreement . Other students also shouted “ Pluck radish ”, Then Xiao Li began to sing :“ Pluck radish , Pluck radish , Hi, hi, hi , Pluck radish ……” His brothers quickly sang along , Then more and more students sing :“ Pluck radish , Pluck radish , Hi, hi, hi , Pluck radish ……”

I didn't say a word , Laugh and watch them perform . When they finish singing , I comment :“ My son has been singing all day ‘ Pluck radish ’, You feel like him ! But he only 3 Years old !”

These guys don't feel embarrassed at all , Each face is filled with a bright smile , Don't mention how happy !

ok , We're not angry , Have fun with life , Keep going ……

During the year with them , I'm really fighting with my students , I don't worry less about them . A year off , I have a lot more white hair .

In the second year , I didn't continue to teach them because of my health .

A blink of an eye , These children have graduated from high school .

This summer vacation , The children have a class party , Also invited me to . There are few opportunities to meet them in the future , I went there. .

result , When we were eating cake , Xiao Li suddenly threw a cake on me . I'm a little angry , Just about to get angry , Xiao Li told me the reason for doing so :“ Since childhood, my parents only do business , Just send me money , Never played with me . Whenever I see other students playing with their parents , I envy them so much . Although when you taught us before , It's also very strict with us , But more often I think you love us like a mother . I also want other children to interact as closely with their parents , Play with you once ! Can you promise ?”

I listened. , My heart hurts the big boy very much . So our teachers and students played a cake war together .

At last we were tired , Enough laughter , The children confessed to me : Thank you for loving them so much , Without what I paid , They didn't study hard later, and now they are admitted to college .

I was moved to tears .

Finally, we 《 I Really Love You 》 This song ends the day's party .

I want to say :

1、 As a teacher , When facing students who are difficult to teach , Never give up .

Every child's future has unlimited possibilities !

2、 Catch the thief, catch the king first . When managing the poor shift, first “ to hold ” Take the lead , It's easy for others .

3、 The body is not afraid of the shadow . In the face of students' provocation , When it's time to be tough, be tough , Don't be intimidated by the so-called complaints of students or parents .

4、 Today's students are very smart , In addition to being brave when dealing with them , And a plot 、 There are ways to .

5、 When it's time to be strict , When it's time to relax , The effect of tempering justice with mercy is good . such as , The students singing in class , I didn't hold on , But smile and let everyone sing , It not only mediates the classroom atmosphere , It also shortens the distance with students . The students also like my class more .

6、 Underachievers sometimes get into trouble , It's because there's too much energy to put . Give them some opportunities to express themselves , Let their energy and “ thunder ” Use in the right place .

7、 All hearts are made of meat , Only when you really love students from the bottom of your heart can you move students .

8、 Underachievers need more love , They are actually more emotional .

  We need to be more patient , Leave students time to spend .

friends , Have you or your friends ever done anything that bothered the teacher when you were a child ? How do teachers respond ? What difficult students have your peers met ?

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