When self-discipline becomes a habit, it is the most healing happiness.

2021-08-09 15:04:33  作者:Life journey

Is self-discipline bitter ? In most people's eyes ,「 Self-discipline 」 It seems to be and restraint 、 Exercise patience 、 Pain and other emotions are equated .

therefore , Some people avoid self-discipline from the beginning ; And some people have been bound by others' definition of self-discipline , In a dilemma , Even if you have enjoyed the happiness and sense of achievement it brings , And often hesitate 、 Swing 、 Feel tired .

But in fact , Self discipline is not heteronomy . There are thousands of ways of true self-discipline , It is free to make changes , Stick to it with your own rhythm and method , The thief in the process of acceptance is lazy , Improve self recognition , From the bottom of my heart, I believe I deserve better , And keep working for it .

When you feel no longer passive pain and persistence , Make self-discipline a part of yourself , The more determined you will be 、 The more you stick to it 、 The more self-discipline , The happy .

Self discipline gives you freedom , Self discipline gives us the freedom to be happy .

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