The east wind continued to blow

2021-06-10 09:03:07  作者:Photography

Last night, the fish catch was a red eye and a few poached fish . He Hua fish is the target fish , Our master said that the fried fish is delicious , Therefore, we specially prepared a kind of fish bait , If you want to hunt the target fish , Even though it's a little bit small . The red eye fish weighs nearly two catties , Big red eye fish caught in the wild , Meet but not ask , The master of the next fishing spot praised and praised .

For fishing last night , The sky of Yongcheng thundered and rained for two mornings , But the fish still have no mouth , The master of the fishing spot nearby always sighs and sighs : Come in a few weeks , Not moving , Not moving . What the master said is that the fish stick doesn't move .

Maybe it's summer coming too fast , We haven't had time to make the bait “ grain full ” Pattern .

From evening till two in the morning , The east wind continued to blow , Summer night fishing begins .