Enjoy the flowers

2021-06-10 09:02:34  作者:Photography

Qingdao is the most comfortable city in May , Neither hot nor cold , The breeze is blowing , go , go , go , To embrace nature . The fragrance of flowers all the way , The sound of frogs , And the cuckoo's sweet song , Many flowers don't know their names , But still fragrant .

Queen of flowers rose

A rose that really attracts bees

Weigela florida

Du Juan

galsang flower

Daisies with pines

Sweet sophora flower

Can eat bitter cauliflower

Yellow flowers in the sky

It's like fireworks

It's kind of like morning glory

Three little purple flowers

Small flowers in clusters

Wild strawberries

My favorite little Pavilion

Walking and watching , I ate some bitter cauliflower , It's kind of sweet . I picked some wild strawberries , Slightly sweet and sour . That piece of red ribbon , I think it can be made into rouge , Dye your nails , It's going to be beautiful . The flowers of Sophora japonica are white and purple , One tree, one tree , There is a sweet taste in the distance , It's edible flowers again , Local people scrambled eggs with sophora flower , Huaihua steamed buns , They're all farmhouse food .