It's not easy to be a responsible teacher (3)

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Fortunately, I asked the head teacher's opinion in advance .5 The teacher in charge of the class fully supports this plan , but 4 The class teacher hesitated .

Here is our wechat dialogue :

x Hello, teacher ! I want to give some excellent results 、 There's a lot of potential and math 、 Students with good English but weak Chinese will help with their composition . Let them write a composition every week , Then I'll fix it 、 Individual counseling . I figured it out , Two weeks before the final exam , I can probably write 5 A composition . But I don't know if it will bring too much pressure to these students ? I'd like to hear from you and your parents . He replied : It's not easy to reply to you now , I need to listen to the students , Parents should have no problem .

My heart pounded , assume : Fortunately, I asked his opinion ahead of time . If I talk to the students directly , On the surface, the students promised to write a composition , I went back to him and complained that I put too much pressure on them , It's not good for him to have a problem with me .

After all , Everyone has different requirements for students . The students in his class are so special , Not only do many students not want to study and do their homework, which is a headache for teachers , And some students have psychological problems —— There are several children I know who are being treated by psychologists .

Bad class atmosphere , Students have many problems , He can't change , So he didn't care about the grades of his class , In his own words :“ As long as the class can run normally , Nothing will happen , Grades are not required . Anyway, I worked for so many years , The penultimate took , Positive number one also took , It doesn't matter .”

By comparison , I seem to be more attentive and strict with my students . I'm also worried that if something happens to the students in this class , I'm easily connected to other people . In some cases , I might even be a scapegoat .

So it's necessary to be careful .

I sent my list of students to the two head teachers , Listen to them . I told them that I could come up with ideas . Out of personal considerations, they proposed to add some students , I've added them one by one .

But there was one student who was special .

That's a class cadre .4 The head teacher asked me to add her , I didn't promise right away , It's a reason for not adding : As a class cadre , But I often don't hand in my homework , Even if it's handed in sometimes, it's a mess , Obviously perfunctory . I talked to her a few times , Although she has a good attitude , But there's no change in behavior at all . In this case , I'm worried about letting her write an extra composition , She couldn't do it , Instead of complaining .

The head teacher said she would talk to her . So I said to the head teacher :“ When you talk to her , I'll add her in if she wants to .”

I started from 2 A teacher in charge of a class added wechat to parents of different students , Then communicate with parents one by one .xx Hello, parents ! I am a xx My Chinese teacher . This mid-term exam xx My Chinese score is better , Great progress , And a progress award [ strong ][ strong ][ strong ] However, there is still room for improvement in composition . I want to help my children improve their writing skills in the second half of the semester , I plan to make him write a composition every week , Then tutor alone . I figured it out , Two weeks before the mid-term exam , About to write 5 About . It's just , I don't know how children learn at home , I don't know if it will add too much pressure to the children ? I'd like to hear from you [ Cheerful ][ Cheerful ]

I'll make a draft first , And then according to the situation of different students to make some modifications .

even so , I also spent a lot of time on this last weekend . After all 2 All the students in one class add up , Yes 20 Come on , I have to chat on wechat one by one . From Saturday afternoon to Sunday noon , All day long , I'm talking to different parents . In the afternoon and in the evening , I'm also communicating with individual parents .

Parents get my message , Except for some parents, the performance is relatively indifferent , On the whole, everyone is quite enthusiastic , I also support this activity . Most of the parents told me to just decorate the children . Of course not , I sent the following information to the parents .

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