It's not easy to be a responsible teacher (2)

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Especially what happened to English teachers , It reminds me , Let me know that being a teacher is not a strong sense of responsibility 、 Thinking for students wholeheartedly can get the understanding and respect of students and parents , I'm more alert to learn from my English teacher , Take warning , So as not to be bitten by the kindness of an English teacher ! Here's the thing ,4 There is a girl in my class who is very poor in English , So soon after work, the enthusiastic English teacher called her and several other students to the office alone , Make up lessons for free , And check 、 Urge them to memorize English words , Sometimes they don't recite after school , The teacher will keep them reading for a while . This is a good thing , It is also the performance of teachers' responsible work . But after several times like this , But this student didn't want to come back to school , It's because of the pressure of study . She hasn't appeared since the second half of last semester . Not long ago , The teacher in charge of the class issued a diagnosis sheet to him from the head of his class , It says the student was diagnosed with depression , The reason is that the pressure from the teacher is too much !—— The head teacher told some colleagues in private that , The students told their parents and doctors , It's too much pressure from the English teacher !

therefore , After this , The English teacher was hit hard , This semester, she was obviously less motivated than last semester , People are also depressed a lot . Originally, she stayed to work overtime almost every day, and this semester, she worked much less .

As colleagues in the same office , I see the attitude of English teachers in my eyes , I also appreciate her conscientiousness and responsibility . But then it happened , I really love her ! I feel cold for her too , But there's nothing I can do !

The head teacher also has opinions on the English teacher , I think the English teacher has given him trouble .

If I continue “ be responsible for ” down , Maybe the next one is me !

alas , It's how I don't wake up ?!

In the current social environment , Teachers have also become one of the high-risk professions , It's hard to be a serious and responsible teacher !

Originally, I felt that in order to improve students' writing ability , Let the students write composition frequently , It's good that I tutor them in private —— If they go outside and ask the teacher for one-on-one guidance, they need to 200 About one hour , And I'm totally free of charge .

But , If students don't want to learn , I'll feel like I'm giving ta Add extra burden to your study , Too much pressure , In addition, many students now have psychological problems , If something happens to the students then , Someone might take the opportunity to buckle the shit basin on my head , It's me who put the students “ forced ” It's like this , Then I really can't wash it when I jump into the Yellow River !

therefore , I have to communicate this with the head teacher first , If the head teacher objects, I can't do it .

Fortunately, I asked the head teacher's opinion first .5 The teacher in charge of the class fully supports this plan , but 4 The class teacher's reply to me made me feel a thump .

To be continued

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