Chasing the sunset

2021-06-10 05:01:56  作者:Literary FM

When I was attracted by the bright glow , The house is full of gold , Looking back out of the window , The sky is shining in the West . Wear shoes , Out of the door , Leave a golden light at home .

There are many tall buildings outside , Light source not found . I think if I go west, maybe I can see the sunset . therefore , Trot, speed up the pace , Rush to the west of the high building . The view on the west side of the high building is annoying , A mess of wires , High and low trees , The sunset is struggling desperately in the crevice of the clouds , Want to break free from the sky . That kind of unbreakable impact is dazzling .

I am obsessed with looking at the sky , Forget to take pictures , Forget to chase , Forget the transformation of time and space .

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