Feipark | hot steamed buns in meditation

2021-06-10 05:01:33  作者:Literary FM

When a thing is curious

It's like steamed buns with hot air

Although it may be a little hot

But I still want to have a taste


I had another chance to try meditation

Today is 25 minutes

For the feeling of suffering

It's still in my memory

It happened in the past

Something that already belongs to memory

But new experiences

Will be born from this moment

This time it's not suffering

I'm starting to get through it

But instead

There is a sour tendon

It's going on

All the time

Need to know

It's not so good either

The teacher still said to look at the feeling

And then back to breathing

Fortunately, it's sour

It doesn't hurt

But even so

Sour feeling

It's not that easy to ignore

To the body

It's really impressive

The discomfort of the next moment

It will come all of a sudden

Once you start to stop

The busy vegetable market is open again

The heart will begin to talk to itself

Want to count the breaths

It's also a challenge

Yes, meditation

More curious

It seems to have more and more

The temperament of hot steamed buns

By this process

I've done it again and again

Talk to yourself

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