Pick up two bunches of flowers, repackage, decorate a beautiful life!

2021-06-10 05:01:25  作者:Literary FM

This morning, , My brother called me all of a sudden , Ask me if I want flowers ?

My brother said that his friend received a bunch of , There's another one that's ready to be delivered, but it hasn't been delivered .

Run for frugality and love , I'll take it all .

After a while , My brother said he let uu Bring me the errands .

10 It's a cost of $1 , Deliver home .

When the errand arrived , I'm taking care of the kids , There was no knock at the door .

When I'm going to take her downstairs , I saw two bunches of flowers at the stairway .

Um. ~ It's still fresh !

Straight to the elevator

therefore , Cancelled the plan to go out , Take the flowers home first .

A bunch of roses

I love the champagne packaging and color matching , Gentle and sunny .

What a warm feeling

Because it's a little long , The flowers and materials are a little dehydrated .

Take advantage of the midday when the child goes to bed , Just sort them out .

Self made flower arrangement

In the sun , It's very eye-catching ~


In the living room , Good looking, too .


There's a flower arrangement .

Just so

Looking at a room full of flowers , Rational use of resources , Make a good time , I'm great ! ha-ha ~

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