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2021-06-10 05:00:47  作者:Literary FM

Hello everyone !! I'm thinking again !!

Shoes hanging between wires

When studying in America

Every time I go home

You can see it almost every corner

I used to wonder who was naughty

Whose idea is it

Contribute your shoes to the art of the city

Legend has it that

It's a regional bully's claim to self label

The overbearing act of swearing sovereignty

It sounds like the problem of territorial division of the mountain tyrants

There are legends

It's an act of commemorating a dead friend

Hang a dead friend's shoes in the air

To mourn and remember

But it's also said that

This is just a group of boring and naughty innocent teenagers

Throw your shoes on the wire

Or a celebration of graduation

Or a confrontation with learning

Legends don't just exist in fiction and science fiction

The little details of life

Small corners of the city

There will be a lot of legends waiting to be explored

This is mostly the joy of life

( Let's introduce the information about the paintings collected by today's wishful thinking art museum : The artist Alvaro Naddeo

A series of watercolor paintings 《Waffle》,《Three Stripes》,《Swoosh》. Take a corner of the city , Record different changes , Interesting series , It evokes the resonance of common street scenes in life .)

“ Hush is in a state of delusion , Meet interesting souls ~”

Pay attention to the art gallery of wishful thinking ~ Continuously updated , Let's think about it with me ! Here's a little love ️

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