Lu Hsun Park

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Hongkou Football Field subway station , Westbound 600 rice , It is the famous Lu Xun Park . Sweet love road from nearby 、 Celebrity culture street , It attracts a lot of tourists . The years are long , Lu Xun sleeps here forever , It has been more than 80 years .

The park is open for free , Seven or eight years , I've been here three or four times , The better the landscape in the park , The trees shade , Lakes and mountains , It has become an amusement park for young and old people nearby . Some people walk their dogs and play with birds 、 Playing chess and playing cards , Someone plays guzheng 、 Pull erhu , There's also a chorus for the elderly …… Westward and southward into the garden , The gate is small and delicate , It has Lu Xun's characteristics .

After entering the garden , On the left is Lu Xun's Wanguo cemetery , Turning right is the Lu Xun Memorial , The new world literary Plaza on the left in front of the Museum , There are stone sculptures of different shapes and colors , There's Balzac the thinker , Tolstoy and Tagore have big beards that are hard to recognize , And Dante in the middle ages , Angry young Pushkin , Hugo with a Book …… And Lu Xun's statue is small and thin with vicissitudes , Being placed alone in front of the Museum , in my opinion , The square is full of noise .

During the epidemic , There are checkpoints in the memorial , Visitors need to hold the green code , I took my temperature , You can only enter after making an appointment for a physical examination . I'm going in step by step , All of a sudden, a team in uniform 、 Pupils in red scarves come out from inside , Followed by an elegant female teacher , It must be the red scarves who led the team to receive edification , Look at the exultation when they came out , After finishing the task of homework, you suddenly become a wild animal .

When I went in , There are already a lot of people in there . I went straight up the stairs on my right hand side , Running to Chaohua Library .

The books have been pasted on the wall , It has become a wall for visitors to take photos , The documentary about Lu Xun's life is playing repeatedly next door , There's a gray carpet on the floor .

I keep going in , There is a commentator talking to the visitors , I saw the inscriptions of celebrities from all walks of life displayed in the window , The deep remembrance is on the paper , Among them, Lu Xun's famous enemy 、 Mr. Guo Moruo's inscription is full of gunpowder , Is written “ China is new , There is a direction in the future ”. I think of that sentence in a flash “ Remaining evils of feudalism ”, I thought to myself , The dead are big , Guo's mind is too small , If Lu Xun comes back to life , I would never accept that this is displayed here , And Song Qingling's letter of condolence from his own suffering from appendicitis delay treatment , Finally, I have to talk about , Repeatedly advised Lu Xun to be hospitalized earlier , It shows a deep concern for Lu Xun .

Xu Guangping is on display nearby 、 Zhou Haiying's mother and son donated the pot for Lu Xun to cook medicine in his illness 、 Old photos and some clothes .

It's a little dark in the museum , Those old things seem to be still exuding the flavor of that era through the window , I have seen some cultural relics a few years ago , So he went out .

And then , I'll take a walk around the garden . With Lu Xun's light , Floating in the garden , Fireworks world , All kinds of business are booming . When Lu Xun was alive, he made a lot of criticisms , Zeng's last words made people forget him , Live your life , I didn't expect to be so busy behind me !

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