It's so easy to attract men. Just grasp the essence

2021-06-10 04:31:58  作者:Photography

Many things are simple , Just grasp the essence .

But it's also artificially complicated .

In the end, you will learn nothing .

The three most important factors that attract men

First of all , Sexual attraction

second , High value attracts

Third , Emotional value attracts

The above is in sequence , Exist side by side and play a part together .

The following is just an example :

Will such a woman be welcomed by men ?

It must be popular .

But some women want the opposite sex to like their inner world ?

But where is the other person inside ? How to see ?

We can't simply take a man's liking as superficial .

In ancient times , great scourges , Poor living conditions .

Living is the first element of human beings .

Facing the influence of extreme natural environment , The best survival strategy is group .

Great strength , Physical strength was also the best choice for human beings at that time .

And all of these can be expressed through a person's appearance .

After survival is reproduction .

In order to continue our genes .

The ideal strategy for a man is to have sex with countless women .

Theoretically , One man can make all the women on earth pregnant .

As long as each sperm is available .

But why can't women be gene transmitters ?

Think about it and you'll see .

With years of genetic evolution , Until now .

At the same time, along with the change of Aesthetics .

Why do men like fair skinned women ?

In the previous open class, I said , Fair skin may mean no productive work .

And this is a survival strategy for men .

But people with dark skin ? May be engaged in productive labor .

A man will think of her as a union , It's very unlikely that one's genes will spread .

Why do men like beautiful women ?

It's not just for the eye , And more importantly, when you're with her , Your genes are more likely to survive .

therefore , In the beginning, men will judge your survival value through your appearance .

High value attracts

High value attracts a wide range of people .

But on the whole it can be understood as : Diploma , Work and career , Family background , Relationships, etc .

When you have or something like that , Because everyone is influenced by the social value order .

It was also said in the open class that , I won't repeat it here .

One of human nature is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages .

They will be better for you .

Even they will reverse rationalize all your actions .

It became so simple and traceable .

Even you'll find it funny .

meanwhile , We need to have a deep understanding of : The essence of interpersonal communication is to provide value , Instead of asking for value .

Emotional attraction

Emotional attraction can be roughly understood as how to chat .

Many boys and girls often make a fatal mistake, that is, they are blindly learning the script .

In their heads , Good at learning script , It's like it can touch everything .

People who don't see the essence are a waste of time .

So they ignore sexual attraction and high value attraction .

My courses have always been very practical .

For example, a screenshot .